Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey Upcoming Story: Gungun to hide Anubhav in the cupboard!


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Star Plus daily soap Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey currently shows that Anubhav and Gungun clears their misunderstanding and Anubhav goes to meet Gungun where he gets questioned by Garima. Later Gungun and Anubhav gets romantic and consummate their marriage. Meawhile Ranvijay informs the Kulshreshth’s about Anubhav visiting Gungun and takes Akriti and Charu to Gungun’s house to catch Anubhav redhanded.

In the current track it shown that both Gungun and Anubhav misses each other and cries. The next day Anubhav worries and calls Gungun when he receives a message from her. They both gets into an argument but clears the misunderstanding and apologises to one another for misunderstanding each others. Anubhav agrees to meet Gungun when the latter invites him to her house.

Ranvijay goes to Kulshreshth’s house and insults the Kulshreshth’s by calling them shameless after he sees Anubhav is heading towards Gungun’s house. Garima advices Anubhav to disclose the truth about his relationship with Gungun to everyone before it gets out of hand also asks him to take care of Gungun. Anubhav consoles a crying Gungun. They both gets romantic and consummate their marriage. Akriti and the family members refuses to believe Ranvijay’s words that Anubhav is in Gungun’s house.

Ranvijay challenges them and takes Akriti and Charu Charu him to Gungun’s house to catch Anubhav. Garima sees Charu and Akriti is outside the house with Ranvijay so she alerts Anubhav and Gungun. She asks Anubhav to leave the house through back gate because Ranvijay is in front gate but Anubhav refuses saying he is not doing anything wrong also he thinks the time has arrived to disclose his relationship with Gungun to everyone which shocks Garima and Gungun.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Garima will open the house door. Akriti will ask Garima what is she doing here. Garima will say to Akriti that she is here to take care of Gungun. She will ask Akriti why she is here. Charu will say to Garima that they get an information that is Anubhav is here with Gungun. Gungun will hide Anubhav inside the cupboard. Akriti will go to Gungun’s room. Gungun will look nervous. Akriti will find a hand kerchief. Gungun will looks on worried.

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