Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey Upcoming Story: Kulshreshth’s to get shocked hearing Anubhav’s revelation!


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Star Plus daily soap Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey currently shows that the inspector finds its Keshav and Soham who is involved in theft so he arrests them and set free Golu. Later the Kulshreshth’s apologises to Ridesh for hurting him by hiding the truth then declares the marriage of Anubhav-Gungun will happen in a said date making everyone happy. Anubhav thanks Gungun for helping Golu but in return Gungun demands Anubhav to help her get permission from Ridesh to go for a trip with her boyfriend shocking Anubhav.

In the current track it shown that Golu goes to the bank and the inspector tells they found Soham’s fingerprints inside the locker so questions him. Keshav starts accusing both Golu and Soham which leads Soham to Soham that its Keshav who is his partner in this crime so the inspector takes them with him. In Kulshreshth’s house everyone thanks Ridesh and Gungun for helping them. Ridesh tells the Kulshreshth’s even Gungun’s marriage doesn’t take place he considers them as his family so asks them not to embarrass him by thanking him.

The Kulshreshth’s realises that Ridesh is upset with them so they all apologises to him. Charu breakdowns which makes Gungun sad so she asks Ridesh to forgive the Kulshreshth’s. Later Charu tells the marriage will take place in a date which already fixed making everyone happy.

Anubhav thanks Gungun but they both end up into an argument when Gungun demands Anubhav to call her a mature woman. She then asks Anubhav to ask permission to Ridesh on behalf of her to go to a trip with her boyfriend shocking Anubhav.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Anubhav and Gungun will come to the living room. Charu will ask Anubhav to tell what he want to say. Anubhav will say that Gungun want permission from Ridesh to go on a trip. Charu will ask Anubhav don’t he think that he is too forward especially when he is planning to take Gungun to a trip before marriage.

Anubhav will tell Charu and everyone that its not him who is accompanying Gungun on her trip it’s her friends and boyfriend. Kulshreshth’s and Ridesh will get shocked. Gungun will look at Anubhav.

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