Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 10th March 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist

kahaan hum kahaan tum Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
kahaan hum kahaan tum Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 10th March 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist Upcoming Story and Twist on Serialgossip.in

The Episode begins with Sonakshi saying fine, I’ll die if you do not know me. Rohit says its not great for Naren. Sonakshi says Nishi’s game is over now. Some time back, Veena says Rohit got saved. Nishi says wow, I’m so content.

Veena says thanks, this got potential for you, you supplied best physicians and nurses, so he’s out of danger. Nishi asks how did Rohit get stored. Sonakshi cries seeing Rohit. FB shows Sonakshi yelling for support. Tulsi hears her. Sonakshi says I’m locked here. Tulsi calls the tech. She receives the lift opened. Sonakshi asks how is Rohit. Tulsi says not great.

Sonakshi provides the antidote to Dr. Mathur and states inject it to Rohit fast. He states we lost Rohit. She asks him to try again, Rohit is going to be OK. She yells Rohit, you can not leave me. She beats his chest and yells. Rohit gets breathing .

Doctor says incredible, Dr. Rohit is back. He injects the antidote. FB ends. Sonakshi thanks Dr. Mathur. He says it, we would haven’t understood about antidote given to Rohit or not. He goes. Veena says I’ll see Rohit. Tulsi asks her to meet him afterwards. Nishi says how did Rohit get stored, when I had the antidote as well as the keys. Tanya says Rohit got nice, its due to baby’s coming. Pari and Tanya discuss the baby names ideas.

Tanya says I’ve chosen Samaira provided long. Rohan says no more discussion, its time to have food. He feeds the meals to Pari. Tanya feels bad. Pari smiles. They ask Rohan to pick the baby name. Tanya says I enjoy Samaira. Pari says I enjoy Anika. He says both wants women, we’ll keep Anika Sippy. Tanya say right.

Nishi gets the keys and says whoever did this is smart. She asks for Dr. Mathur. The man says he is not here. Nishi recalls Parvati. She says she’d also come in my cottage. She asks the guy to get Parvati. The guy gives the correspondence from Dr. Mathur. Nishi reads… I’ve given the antidote to Rohit, I’m doing my duty, I’m leaving the city. She gets angry.

Sonakshi comes and says its a miracle that Rohit got living, you’re great to create the antidote, I’m so emotional. Nishi says just closed. Sonakshi says I have observed it for the first time a person got to life because of love, tell me, why did you call me. Nishi says leave me alone, get out.

Veena is with Rohit. Sonakshi asks are you nice, we’re there to treat him, your son is everyone’s fav. Veena says he’s my first kid, he gave me sense and joy of motherhood, I wish to speak to him. Sonakshi states Amma, sorry, can I call you Amma, you’re his mum. Veena nods. Sonakshi says go home, if your son sees you like this, he is going to be hurt, come in the morning, he is going to be pleased to see you.

Veena hugs her and says you look like household, do not know why. Sonakshi asks her to go. Veena states Parvati again, do not know how long will this name be connected with my son’s name. Sonakshi tells the entire name. Veena says call me when he wakes up. Sonakshi says guarantee, go. Sonakshi sees Rohit and cries. She recalls Rohit.

Kaun tujhe….plays…. Rohit turns . She holds his hand and says welcome back. He says I love you Sona. She says love you too Rohit. He opens eyes and sees her. He asks what is happening, I felt like I…. She says like you died. He says yes. She says maybe not so soon, you must be with me. He asks what are you doing here, go out of here. She asks why, as you despise me, you do not love me. He says I do not love you. She says fine, but I love you a great deal, if you do not need me, then I shall go.

She chooses a fruit knife and says I’ll go away. Rohit says cease threatening, I can not live without you, I adore you. She says I know you love me, now I will not let hurt you. He states stay there, I’ve disease, wear the mask, be careful, its not about us, if we stay together, its not great for dad. She asks what do you mean. He states Nishi Bua.

He tells everything. Sonakshi says Nishi is a inexpensive woman, she tried to kill daddy and you too, she did not give you the antidote, it was great that I could get it some how and then… He gets stunned. He says I love you a lot, you do not understand, I curse myself everyday for misbehaving with you, Nishi has commanded me, I was not able to be with you, I would like to be with you, I do not understand. She says you can not be weak, you’re lonely, now I’m with you, Nishi has commanded Veena, we could do anything together, Nishi can not do what she desires, we must stop her match and snare, are you with me . He holds her hand and says consistently. She says Nishi’s game is over now.