Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 26th February : Sonakshi fears for her life

kahaan hum kahaan tum Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
kahaan hum kahaan tum Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 26th February 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on Serialgossip.in

Today’s episode begins with Rohit requesting Sonakshi to open the door. He fakes that Pari isn’t well. Suman and Pari support Rohit and Sonakshi comes out of the area. Sonakshi gets mad at Rohit for performing acting. Rohit drags Sonakshi but Sonakshi runs into the balcony and has adamant not to have checked by Rohit.

Sonakshi says she’ll jump in the patio and Rohit tried to stop her. Rohit eventually leaves when Sonakshi says she’s prepared to die but not becoming prepared to diagnose. Afterwards, Rohit meets Sumit and asks him to take Sonakshi into the city hospital anyway.

There, Tanya runs to Rohit and asks him to help him when she learned that Rohan and Veena is taking her to the psychiatrist. Here, Sumit takes Sonakshi into the hospital. He gets angry at physician for making Sonakshi wait. Sonakshi asks Sumit to unwind.

Other side, Rohit informs to Veena and Rohan that Tanya is experiencing PTSD and asks Rohan to steer clear of Tanya. Afterwards, Nishi learns that Naren revealed movement seeing Sonakshi. Nishi stands shocked. Further, Sonakshi’s evaluation is finished. Sumit asks physician to arrange a space for Sonakshi as she’s a celebrity. Sonakshi asks Sumit to not call her celebrity as now she’s equally a patient like others.

Here, Nishi decides to keep Sonakshi from Rohit and Naren. Rohit on telephone says to Sumit to treat Sonakshi. Nishi over hears Rohit’s discussion and smirk believing Sonakshi also could be infected with the Super virus.

In the home, Suman prays from Sonakshi’s wellbeing. Pari asks Suman to go and stay with Sonakshi. In the hospital, Sonakshi gets teary after learning a patient out there’s expired. Sumit gets amazed seeing Sonakshi fearing. Sonakshi worries what will happen if her reports will be favorable. She asks Sumit to look after her family after her. Episode ends with Sumit getting psychological hearing Sonakshi. And Sonakshi thanking him to be there with her at this challenging time. Rohit sees Sonakshi and prays to God to rescue her.