Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 3rd March : Sonakshi gets ready to save Rohit’s life

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 3rd March 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on Serialgossip.in

Today’s episode begins with Rohit requesting Venna to visit Sonakshi and pleads before her to save his life. Elsewhere, Naren recalls Venna’s and Nishi’s talk and attempts to walk. He drops down in the stairs. Tanya sees him falling and recalls her episode. Rohan asks Tanya to assist him in choosing Naren but Tanya stands stunned.

Here, Venna calls Nishi and asks her to bring Sonakshi into the hospital because she can only save his life. Nishi goes to Sonakshi and retains a state before her if she would like to save Rohit. At hospital, Venna worries and believes why Sonakshi did not yet attained. Nishi calls Simmi and asks her to meet her. She enters the hospital with Sonakshi. Venna pleads facing Sonakshi and asks her to save his life. Sonakshi acts rude with Venna.

Sonakshi says she’s a gold digger, according to them then why they’re pleading before her. Venna cries and pleads facing Sonakshi and she gets ready to perform experimentation on her body. She places a condition facing Venna that if anything happens to her than Sippy’s will give compensation to her loved ones. Venna asks YK and Akash to get papers ready. Sonakshi in flashback recalls how Nishi threatens her in return of rescuing Rohit’s life.

Meanwhile, Sumit comes to Sonakshi and asks her if someone has kidnapped her. Sonakshi asks Sumit to calm down. Sumit asks Sonakshi whom she’s saving. Sonakshi asks Sumit to inform Suman and Pari that she’s fine.

At Sippy Mansion, physician informs to Rohan that Naren got small wound. He asks him not to worry. There, Deepa consoles Tanya. Tanya yells and says to Rohan she wants to get pregnant again. Rohan claims to Deepa he do not know how to tell Tanya that she can not become mother. Episode Ends with Sonakshi pleads Simmi and Tulsi to let her match Rohit before process begins.

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