Kasautii Zindagii Kay Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Kasautii Zindagii Kay Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Kasauti Zindagi Kay 21st February 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on Serialgossip.in

The episode begins with Anurag reassuring Veena that he will not let anything bad happen to Prerna. He asks everybody to not worry and asks for Prerna. They state that she moved to Basu Badi. He asks for Prerna’s sister’s phone as his phone is broken.

He calls Anupam who states that Prerna has left to fulfill Viraj in his farmhouse. Anurag panics and asks for speech. Viraj tells him. Prerna is on her way while Anurag calls her cellphone. She keeps cutting the telephone believing it to be Shivani.

She reaches Viraj’s farmhouse and Viraj opens the door. He asks her to get in. She is about to enter when she gets Anurag’s call. She attends it who asks her to not enter the home since Viraj is dangerous. She turns to find Viraj pointing gun at her and asks her to get in. He breaks the phone.

Prerna asks why’s he doing this and says that she came here for a reason. Viraj says he understands that she arrived there to say she do not want to get married to him and he already understands. She asks if Sonalika reported this to him and asks still why he wants to marry her. Viraj states that she believes ge only knows this.

He states that she enjoys Anurag and her baby is of Anurag’s too. Prerna gets shocked and asks why’s he doing. He says that she wants to get married . Anurag calls Viraj and asks him to allow Prerna go but he does not listen.

Pandit comes there and Viraj states that she should marry him now. Prerna claims that Anurag will come to rescue her sure even without knowing that she’s carrying his child. Viraj claims that if Anurag comes there he’ll die for sure. Prerna slaps him for saying so.

Anurag comes to the farmhouse and finds no one. He finds blood on floor and gets shocked. He follows it just for it to be ketchup. He discovers a slave and threatens him to show where Viraj and Prerna is. But shortly Viraj’s guys hold him and make him unconscious.