Kasautii Zindagii Kay : Komolika Wants Prerna Dead

Kasautii Zindagii Kay Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Kasautii Zindagii Kay Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 13th January 2020 Upcoming Story on Serialgossip.in

The Episode begins with Anurag asking Prerna about their friendship and connection. Nivedita insists and takes him . Anupam inquires Prerna how are you. Prerna says I m happy and fine too. She gives prasad into Anupam. He says I m convinced that his memory will return soon. She says yes, I’m anticipating the day. Mohini asks what is this bottle , I asked you to throw it. Moloy says its your sleeping pills. She says I was not with Anurag in the hospital due to the pills, throw it away. Anurag hugs her. She cries and says quite sorry.

She sees Prerna. All of them sit to have breakfast. Anurag asks Debu to function sweets to Prerna. Moloy gets a telephone. He says Nivedita you did not inform me about the new year celebration. Nivedita says do not worry, all arrangements are done, unwind. Moloy asks Prerna to receive her entire family. Mohini states and Viraj also, he’s also part of your loved ones. Komolika says yes, you need to get your loved ones and future husband, they ought to be here, right Anurag. He says , Prerna get Viraj, it’ll be good.

Shivani says I’ve provoked Komolika, Anurag recalls what he feels for you, therefore Komolika will get mad, we must be cautious. Prerna says do not worry, I m prepared to confront her, I will go with Viraj, Anurag may remember his memory, I won’t lose any opportunity, I will put everything on bet. Komolika says before Prerna informs Anurag anything, I must kill her, Ronit just kill her. Ronit says done, if Anurag panics and sees Prerna in bad position, then what, we won’t like to activate his memory, we should not kill her in the celebration. She asks what will I do. He says relax, we’ll kidnap her and then Prerna’s the ending….

Anurag thinks of Prerna. He says I feel like losing something. Viraj sees the tilak rasam pics. He sees Anurag and Prerna. He says I must speak to Prerna, I can not go ahead due to the family. He believes to break relation if there’s anything more than friendship between Prerna and Anurag.

Nivedita welcomes guests. Anupam goes to her. He compliments her. Moloy says come here…. Anupam asks what. Moloy asks why are you flirting with my daughter. Anupam says there aren’t many times when she gets happy. Moloy says I requested you because I don’t find such chances. Moloy welcomes Prerna and loved ones. Veena wants him and Mohini for the achievement. Mohini states Prerna, you are not permitted here without Viraj, I’m joking…. Prerna says he’d be coming. Mohini says Veena you’re lucky that Viraj is the son in law. Veena says I understand. Moloy takes them along. Mohini stops Prerna and states concentrate on your spouse, not on somebody else’s husband. Prerna says I’m on my husband, I hope you have your answer. Mohini thinks she’s answering me, I will get peace when she leaves out of our own lives.

Komolika stops Prerna to taunt. Prerna says you always think of me and Viraj, you’re attempting to create Anurag away, however you’ll make me closer to Anurag. They argue. Mohini calls Sonalika. Prerna looks for Anurag. Anurag goes to Mohini’s room. Prerna’s saree becomes stuck. She tries to pull it. Her blouse hook becomes torn. She belongs to Mohini’s room. Anurag asks Prerna do you need something. He sees her blouse hook latch tearing. He asks do you need a needle and thread. He says I will help you, you can depend on me, I love to help you, I believe I told this earlier, this occurred before. He recalls. Mohini and Komolika come there. Mohini says that your mum is calling me. Prerna goes. He says I want to talk. Mohini says I’ve imp work. She chooses Komolika along. She states Sonalika, if Anurag discusses Prerna, avoid him, I did not tell you about his past, it did not matter before, there was something involving Prerna and Anurag, he should not remember it, else he’ll get feelings, let this be concealed. Komolika asks what do you intend to say. Mohini says they weren’t husband and wife, only something was there. She goes. Komolika believes the thing is also old like your age, tell me something I do not know. Viraj compliments Prerna and gives her flowers. She says you ought to give the flowers to Moloy. He says I’ve already given it to him. He believes I wanted to say that I can not marry you, now I believe I can not say this. Anurag sees them.

Viraj says I need to make a phone call, I will just come, can I say something, your smile is quite pretty. She says Anurag also says this. Anurag believes why do I feel so jealous. Viraj says I’m sure. He goes. Prerna provides the flowers to the server. She states request Debu to put these flowers in a vase. Ronit takes the waiter’s disguise. He says be prepared, I’m reaching to kidnap Prerna.