Kasautii Zindagii Kay 13th November 2019 Upcoming Story: Prerna Gets Arrested

Kasautii Zindagii Kay Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Kasautii Zindagii Kay Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

The Episode Begins with Komolika Visiting Prerna. She predicts Ashish and asks would you wish to acquire your salary. He states that which, yes. She states come and meet with me in my cottage. He belongs to her. She asks what will you do in order to double your wages. He says that I could be faithful to this corporation. She inquires will you keep a secret. He says. She says nobody ought to know about it throw Prerna from the provider. He states there’s great news, she’s leaving the workplace. She says, throws out her, so she does not arrive back and at Anurag’s entire life. He asks how do we do so. She states consider your dual-salary, you’ll find the idea. He says we’ll attribute Prerna for promoting confidential documents from this corporation. She states do anything, I’ll be pleased when she was arrested, so she does not receive any job. Ashish inquires Surbhi about newspapers. Prerna inquires why is that he scolding Surbhi facing everybody. Anurag comes.

He asks what is happening. Ashish says that our private papers are overlooking, Surbhi has stepped, she’s departing, and I doubt. Surbhi states no, I did not resign. Ashish says authorities will be arriving today. Anurag asks that which, request police to not come, no authorities for female workers. Authorities come and claim we have a call out of here. Ashish says, we dropped first newspapers, Surbhi or even Prerna possibly the offender, Prerna can also be likely to leave the workplace. He requests Prerna to vow on her mother and state it. Inspector says we’ll research their workstations. Anurag asks what is the requirement to get this done. Ashish says perhaps more files are stolen, possibly these two are the offenders. Constable states we did not get anything. Inspector asks constable to look at their own tables.

Anurag states I understand them, they’re hardworking, they will not do so. Constable understands the newspapers. Ashish smiles. Prerna states this can not occur. Inspector says you’ve got to come together with us. She says that I did not do anything. Anurag states I understand her, she did not do something wrong. Inspector says do not instruct my job, establish her innocence and get her freed. Prerna claims that this issue should not reach my loved ones. Ashish states I guarantee you, you’ll be with household until dinner time. Prerna is detained. Ashish claims sorry, I did not understand Prerna is your offender. Anurag says you’re fired.

Ashish calls and worries Komolika. She states Anurag fired me personally, Prerna got detained. Komolika says do not worry, you’ll find the amount in your account each month. He says fine. She sees Prerna accepted by law enforcement. Anurag believes someone here does not enjoy Prerna, but, I won’t spare that individual. Komolika states you can not do anything. He states I guarantee to get you from the mess. She says you can not do anything before I need it, destiny is in my hands, I got everything and Prerna dropped everything. Anurag believes I Must spare Prerna. Komolika includes home. She lies back on the bed and yells. Mohini comes and collapses. She says that I have this because of my bahu, we’re observing sindoor khela to get Nivedita’s buddy, its imp event for Bengalis, each suhaagan applies sindoor, so I would like you to receive blessings, I’d like you to use this outfit. Komolika states that is so sweet, so I’ll be prepared. Mohini goes.

Anurag says buy Prerna’s bond, I know she’s innocent. Mala states Prerna can not steal anything. He says I understand. She asks would you understand. He states I feel. She states Ashish always simplifies workers, he did not occur with Prerna’s work. He inquires, she’s my secretary. She states sorry I believe Ashish desires to get her from office. He says, Prerna came to me and wished to leave the occupation. Surbhi states I really like my job, do not understand why didn’t Ashish say that. Anurag says I chased him is he still here. She says he’s packing his things in the cottage. Ashish packs some novels. Anurag comes. Ashish states I understand you need me to combine the provider again, directly. Anurag says incorrect, I would like to understand what’s the issue using Prerna, Surbhi explained that she did not want to leave the occupation, did you maintain newspapers in Prerna’s tote, she can not do so. Ashish says women always deceive, Prerna is among these. Anurag says. He increases hand and states Prerna is my own….. He melts. He says she’s my childhood buddy. Ashish claims sorry, I did not understand. Anurag states buy the CCTV footage, even return quickly. Ashish worries.

Inspector queries Prerna. She says that I did not steal the newspapers. He requests her to believe and provide an announcement. Anurag and Ashish assess the footage. They see a person coming from disguise to store newspapers. Ashish recalls likely to maintain the newspapers and concealing his face from the cap. Anurag says quit, he’s the man he framed Prerna, learn from where did the guy come and make a departure, I’ll spare Prerna, I need the footage replicate, and I m going to the police station. Ashish believes I have stuck, I’ll inform that Anurag’s spouse left me to do so.

Inspector inquires Prerna again. She says that I did not steal anything. He requests her to state reality. Anurag comes and states fact has just one face. She says that I actually did not do anything. He says that I understand this is evidence that some stranger had arrived kept newspapers inside her bag. The inspector states we obtained the footage, so we did not see anything. Anurag states that this is actual footage, that offered you edited footage.