Kasautii Zindagii Kay 14th January 2020 : Shivani Doubts Ronit

Kasautii Zindagii Kay Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Kasautii Zindagii Kay Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 14th January 2020 Upcoming Story on Serialgossip.in

The Episode begins with Anurag stating why am I not satisfied for this, I can not do so, its incorrect. He predicts Komolika and states can you develop, I want you, simply come. Mohini signs . Komolika sees Prerna and states I’m just arriving. Mohini asks what occurred. Komolika says it had been Anurag’s telephone, he said that he wants me. Mohini asks her to come shortly. Komolika goes. Prerna believes she’s something on her head, however what.

Viraj goes into a room. He states when did this occur and , I only wanted to speak to Prerna, her friendship with Anurag was impacting mepersonally, but she arrived in front of me, I believed that I do not wish to lose her, then come on Viraj…. We just met couple of days back, I stated yes for union believing she’s dumb such as me, we could finish each other, I have feelings for her, but , possibly because she’s really great, if she could do so for a buddy, she can do a great deal because of her love. Veena hears him goes.

Komolika collides with Ronit and yells you’re fired. Ronit states as you desire. He sees him says Ronit. He asks what do you prefer to possess. She states Prerna, go and get her. He states okay, I’ll get Prerna, that is my guarantee. She belongs. He remembers Prerna slapping him gets mad.

Anurag believes why did not Sonalika come. Ronit reveals Prerna’s pic into his goons and asks them to kidnap her. They concur. Ronit says there should not be any error, just go today. He collides with Shivani and states I’m sorry. Shivani asks him to cease. He moves off and calls Komolika. He states that I battled with Shivani, I believe she disturbs me, please manage it. She says I’ll manage her, it’d be the last mistake. He thanks . She quits Shivani and asserts.

Shivani says I’m glad for Prerna, seem at Anurag, he’s visiting Prerna, what is your strategy, Prerna and Viraj’s union will not happen. Ronit goes. Moloy asks the kids to dance. He states I’m much youthful and can not dance, come on.

Everyone smiles and claps. Shivani believes where did this person go. Anurag and Viraj visit Prerna. Shivani sees Ronit and also follows. Viraj steps backwards. Komolika states Viraj, why not dancing with me anymore, Prerna can get tired dance. Viraj claims of course. Prerna believes Anurag will come if you attempt to make him off.

Ronit hides from Shivani and seems for clothing. Shivani believes he did not have to conceal. He believes to perform some thing of her. Anupam holds her. She has scared. He asks what happened. She says I believe a person is here, Prerna’s life is at risk, I understand the guy after her lifetime. Nivedita asks Anupam to come with her. They move. Everyone dances. Hawayein…plays… Anurag retains Prerna’s hand.

They dancing. Anupam praises their pairing. Viraj states Prerna is dance, I’ll dance . Komolika claims no, you’re visiting Anurag wanting to dance with Prerna, he really enjoys her a great deal, its apparent, he’s great hearted, he must understand that Prerna is yoursAnurag should not understand I told this for you, I trust you know.

Viraj states I really do know. Moloy signals Anupam. Anupam asks Nivediya for dancing. They dancing. Anurag states I enjoy dancing with you. Prerna states I understand. Anurag remembers her. He states we danced several times together before. She nods. Mohini seems on. Goons visit Prerna. Komolika dances with Anurag. Prerna dances with Viraj. Everybody claps. Prerna gets hurt. Anurag asks what happened, is it damaging, come. He chooses Prerna. Komolika says its high time, you speak into Anurag, man to man. Viraj goes .