Kasautii Zindagii Kay 15th November 2019 Upcoming Story: Moloy Slaps Mohini

Kasautii Zindagii Kay Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Kasautii Zindagii Kay Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 15th November 2019 Upcoming Story on Serialgossip.in

The Episode begins with Nivedita stating I do not understand I’m angry or not to Prerna’s comeback. Mohini says she understands Anurag’s nation and also then… Kumud says she wishes to snare Anurag, when Moloy must understand Prerna is now his secretary, so he had been happyhe travelled to meet Prernahe chose Anupam also. She requests Nivedita to restrain Anupam. Nivedita asks her to not say anything. Mohini states Nivedita is great in company, however in home and husband’s thing… forget it. Anurag and Prerna come. He says that I will fall Prerna house and come.

Mohini states Prerna I have something to your mother, are you going to come together. He states I will perish. Veena says I had been thinking to discover a task for Prerna, I want she has some fantastic job to perform calmly, time moves. Shivani states that you don’t need Prerna to operate there. Veena states no, she is able to get pleasure if Anurag is not there. Shivani believes can Prerna remain without Anurag. Komolika states Prerna, Prerna consistently…. What is Moloy’s difficulty, I was able to despise themthen I awakened, they grabbed my grin, no I must grin.

Mohini requires Prerna into space. She scolds Prerna. She states do not state its own fate. Prerna says when it had been my strategy, I’d have achieved anything, that really is destiny that requires me Anurag or gets me. Mohini says that I understand you quite well. Anurag comes. He states sorry, I’m in a rush, I’ve work. Mohini says that I have a saree to get Veena. She moves to do it.

Komolika gets mad. She forces herself to grin and slaps. She yells and says how will I grin, the woman I despise the most, she arrived in my home, I could not do anything, I must do anything. Anurag says consider our destiny, I took over a business, Prerna combined a day earlier, it seems like our destiny is linked. Mohini says that I do not believe Prerna should get the job done. He states do not state this, she’d resigned, I persuaded her to remain for longer days, I enjoy her job, she needs to work till I find her replacement, so I’ll take good care of her, that they move.

Mohini states Prerna will break Sonalika’s home, I must warn Sonalika. Komolika yells things. She says that I must throw Prerna outside, how do I do so, I must look nice. She moves outside. Mohini asks what occurred. Komolika says only some annoyance. Mohini says you’re like my girl, hear me, Anurag is really a wonderful man, however, Prerna is not great, but she is not a slave’s lady, she dreams with a major property. Komolika says she’s so awful, I do not believe this could occur, it is possible to speak to Moloy, when he informs Anurag to alter his own secretary, Anurag can get it done, I hope you, you are only going to want good for me personally, I believe I need to take medications. She belongs. Mohini inquires Moloy did you fulfill Prerna. He says , she’s forgiven measked her to depart. Mohini says she abandoned the home herself.

Moloy inquires why are you currently insensitive regarding her. She inquires will you see anybody except , you are not her daddy. He states I respect her daughter and will take care of her. She states keep her out of my son. He states Anurag obtained her he is comfy, allow Prerna remain here, possibly Anurag remembers what they might combine. She asks what about Sonalika. He states that she did a favor , I’ll encourage Prerna, she’s Anurag’s infant inside her womb. She states it could be Bajaj’s infant, she’d wed Bajaj, its own Bajaj’s kid. He destroys her. She has stunned. Komolika says when Anurag understands Prerna is pregnant with his kid, no…. I can not drop him, what will I do.

She states struggle, Prerna will eliminate everything as well as her youngster. Moloy scolds Mohini. He states if Prerna stated its Anurag’s kid, its own its Anurag’s child just, should you say anything today, I’ll accept Anurag and Prerna together with me and leave the home, you clarify your own Sonalika. He belongs. She states Moloy slapped mepersonally, for the very first time in existence, somebody slapped mepersonally, Prerna you attempted to grab Anurag first and today Moloy, I despise you Prerna Sharma. She yells.

Komolika states Anurag does not see mepersonally, we could have love, but this wall is involving us. She yells the cushions. She says I’m your spouse. She requests servant to visit Mohini. She states tell mother that I dropped down, then ask her to come back. She retains cushions onto the bed. Mohini comes. She sees that the cushions on the bed. Komolika says that I will only come. She’s asks to the painkiller. Mohini says , I’ll give it. Komolika states how did I overlook. She retains cushions off.

Mohini asks you personally and Anurag sleep individually. Komolika states we have married in strange situation, I had been really thinking to proceed with himso we become husband and wife. Mohini claims of course. Komolika says that I really don’t enjoy any chilly spot for honeymoon. Mohini claims honeymoon, of course. She cried.