Kasautii Zindagii Kay 16th January 2020 : Viraj Proposes Prerna

Kasautii Zindagii Kay Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Kasautii Zindagii Kay Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 16th January 2020 upcoming story on serialgossip.in

The Episode begins with Komolika recalls Prerna’s words. She says I’ll get your medications. Anurag says okay. She goes to washroom and screams. She says I’ve done this, despite the fact that it was tough. FB reveals…She goes to doctor and shows him the movie. He gets stunned seeing his daughter captive. Komolika asks him to give medication to create Anurag’s brain slow. He says I can not do this. She asks goons to take the girl. Doctor agrees. He says you’ve got to continue the medication for long time. FB ends. She says now we’ll see how your memory comes back.

Ronit asks where’s Prerna. He speaks to his goon. He states this is a fantastic chance, we’ll kidnap her, get the car ready. He asks Prerna to look at her car parked at wrong location. Viraj stops her for a conversation. She says I was planning to find the car. Viraj says I’ll ask my driver to test. He makes a call and asks driver to test Prerna’s car. He tells the auto number. They go. Ronit looks on.

Anurag looks for Prerna. Komolika thinks you’re always after Prerna. Anupam believes where are Shivani and Prerna. He says I need to inform Anurag that Prerna will get attacked again. Viraj says I was thinking to cancel our union. She gets shocked and believes Anurag did not recall anything. He says it was only a thought, I realized I love you Prerna. She tries to proceed. He says please allow me to continue, I have my family a whole lot, I wish to have an empty place on your and baby’s life, but after tilak, I’m not accusing you, I believe you like Anurag. She says yes, I really do. He says of coursehe cares for you, your simplicity is bringing me, I know I can’t take Anurag’s place, I’m ready to marry you, do you still wish to marry me, just remember I love you, take the time to think, I will be waiting.

Komolika calls the waiter and gets a glass of water. Prerna thinks to speak to Viraj clearly. Ronit requires the chloroform to faint Prerna. Anupam believes I’ll handle it, I won’t allow anything wrong occur with Prerna. He asks Anurag failed detective give any advice. Anurag says no, he’s working on it. Anupam goes.

Komolika adds the medication in the water. Prerna looks on. Komolika asks waiter to give it to him. Prerna gets shocked and goes to Anurag. Anurag asks Ronit to find a seat for her. Ronit gets the seat. He says one moment, your voice is familiar, did we meet before, what is your name. Ronit says Roshan…. Prerna takes the water from Anurag’s hand. Komolika sends Ronit.

Prerna coughs. Anurag gives her water. She says maybe not this one. Anupam comes and gives her the identical glass of water. She drinks it. Komolika thinks she’s drank that water. Prerna says I want to speak with you, come with me. Anurag sees Komolika. She says okay. He belongs with Prerna. Komolika believes Prerna has to bear unwanted effects and do some play. She smiles. Ronit belongs to Komolika. She asks him to go with his men, Shivani is doubting him, Anupam is after Shiva, reveal Prerna’s pic to somebody else and ask him to kidnap her. Shiva ties up Shiva. Ronit says lock the woman in the room and meet me in corridor. Shiva goes.

Anurag says I promised to always support you, I remembered that I was stopping you from getting married. Prerna asks who. Mohini asks Anurag to come with her and meet exceptional guests for her sake. He states did I tell you Prerna my mother does psychological blacmail. Prerna says I understand. Anurag says I was quitting Prerna from the union, why did she marry.

Mohini believes Bajaj abandoned her, but you did not ask her not to marry Bajaj, you’re confused. She says that you never asked that he to leave him. He states don’t you enjoy Prerna. She asks is that something new, I’m not interested in Prerna’s life. She goes. He calls out her. Viraj says girls have such anger, my mother also gets mad, their love is concealed in their anger, you’re the cupid in my narrative, I have suggested Prerna.