Kasautii Zindagii kay: Mohini gets shocked with Moloy warning

Kasautii Zindagii Kay Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Kasautii Zindagii Kay Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Kasautii Zindagii kay 23rd January 2020 Upcoming story on serialgossip.in


Episode begins with jagga and many others come inside and inquire where’s Prernsa. He states manager said to kill her I’m eager to kill her she breaked my leg escaped. Jagga asks additional goons to look her. Prerna find them from behind boxes and jagga founds her. Prerna yells wood powder in his eyes and flows into jungle. Goons hunts her. Viraj and Anurag finds some folks and follows them and queries that are you men.

Jagga and many others discovered Prerna behind tree once they going to reach snake comes in their own way. They attempted to frighten the snake with pole compared to Prerna leaks again. Otherwise folks says we remain here and pursuing tiger to kill it as it’s damaging our creatures and that are you. Viraj says sorry we missed the trail. Anurag believes do not understand where’s Prerna.

Moloy uncheck Shivani and Mahesh, Anurag will locate the Prerna. Veena always rings the temple . Mohini asks her to stop this sound and play. Moloy takes Mohini from this location.

Anurag drops Viraj in his property. Viraj asks are you really going to house. Anurag says . Than Viraj believes I can not visit house if Prerna life is in danger and he moves in his automobile to hunt her. Otherside Anurag also believes I’ve locate Prerna and reminsces his minutes with her terrace.

Moloy asks one can behave like great one for occasionally and Prerna is lacking and she’s carrying our expansive child, you do not worry or search for her atleast speak properly to other people. Mohini says I despise it when you struggle with me . Moloy warns to inform every thing to Anurag if Mohini did not change her ways. Mohini gets helpless. He requests her to pick. Mohini asks this thing changed to a different degree, you are warning me and prepared to place our Anurag life in danger, I despise you. Moloy asks her to hate me but do not disturb my buddy family otherwise I’ll inform to Anurag.

Komolika hunts for Jagga and Ronit in den. She founds Jagga and asks him is Prerna dead body or atleast her entire body pics. Jagga and other goons become tensed and Jagga says she escaped while damaging among our guy and we did not discovered her since jungle is quite significant. Komolika gets mad and slaps him and asks him to get Prerna. Jagga says hard to find since we’re already searched and she’s nowhere. Komolika asks than where’s Prerna.

Prerna reaches some home and she moans the door to take their aid but she dropped her concious. 1 woman comes out from home and finds unconscious Prerna. She chooses Prerna inside with other people help. Her husband asks who is she. That girl says sounds like she wants help and it’s our obligation to assist her out of these goons. He calls his guys and request them to safeguard the home. She assesses Prerna and Prerna gets concious. That girl says I am physician of the village. Prerna request telephone to phone her husband. They appears on.