Kasautii Zindagii Kay : Anurag Close To Discover Truth

Kasautii Zindagii Kay Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Kasautii Zindagii Kay Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

The Episode begins with Nivedita saying mum is fine, we can take her residence. Komolika asks how is Prerna. Nivedita says she is also fine. They go home. Anurag thinks of Prerna. He believes who is this man, how can a husband be away from his wife when she’s pregnant, John did not update me. He calls John and asks did you find out anything. John says I’m still trying to find about that culprit.

Anurag asks did you discover about Prerna’s husband. John says , I found out, you forgot to mention, you got engaged to Prerna. Anurag asks what exactly are you saying. John says you should have told me about it that you were going to marry Prerna. Anurag doesn’t hear anything. John says maybe he didn’t hear anything, network issue. Anurag says I can find it out myself, there could be pics in her dwelling.

Everyone manages Prerna. Anurag comes there and smiles. He believes her family is taking care of her, I must go and discover about Prerna’s husband. Prerna gets Komolika’s call. She says I will just come, its an imp call, I will drink milk and rest. She goes upstairs. She answers the call.

Komolika taunts her and asks about her anxiety. Prerna says I don’t have any stress, I have a great family. Komolika says such a great family, Anurag got to know that you’re bad, and your husband left you, the world is saying this, Anurag heard it, I promise I didn’t say, I explained him that maybe your husband doubts concerning the child, perhaps you look characterless to him.

Anurag gets in the room. He says if I know that guy, I will not leave him. Prerna says Anurag will not think this about me, he knows me and my past, I do not care what people think. Anurag says I do not care, I will sort this problem. Komolika says you ought to care. Prerna says you are venting out frustration on me, you are angry as your honeymoon got ruined. She ends call. Komolika gets mad and hurts her hands.


She says you’re hurting me a lot, I will complicate your life a good deal, I will see to it that you get married to somebody else, then you will leave me and Anurag. Anurag gets the photo album. Prerna regards the room and sees him. She takes the photo album and keeps it. He says I came to get the truth. She says you discovered this way, stop it. He says you lied to me, what did you say, you did not show his pic.

She asks what could I say, he doesn’t remember that we are wed, I m not his wife for him. He asks does that mean that he left you. She says no, I do not think so, but if seen from the world. He says he moved on, so he would have some other girl in his life. She cries. Dil da kasoor….plays…. Anurag asks about the child. She says you think I would have let him go away if it had been in my control. Prerna says I will look after your issues, I will be with you, I promise to keep you happy. Veena looks on and believes that you don’t know the promise, how will you keep it, you’re married.

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Komolika calls Anurag and asks where are you. He says Prerna’s house, you said we need to sort out her life. She says that you should have told me, I would have come along, we are good friends now. She speaks to Prerna. She says do not take stress, I can’t talk normal, Anurag should think we are friends, so he does not take stress. Prerna ends call.

Komolika says now I know how to handle Prerna, I will make sure that Prerna don’t go near Anurag. Veena comes to Prerna. Prerna asks why are you worried. Veena says I feel sad that I m not able to do anything, Anurag can not support you, stop thinking about you, I’m not describing you wrong, you aren’t understanding.

Prerna asks her to calm down. She gives the inhaler. Veena says stop thinking of Anurag, end this here. Prerna believes I can’t leave him because Komolika is with him.