Kasautii Zindagii kay : Anurag rescues Prerna again from Jagga

Kasautii Zindagii Kay Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Kasautii Zindagii Kay Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Kasautii Zindagii kay 30th January 2020 Upcoming Story on Serialgossip.in


Episode starts with Anupam gets tired, he reminsces Nivedita words to take rest and he goes to take 1 hour nap. Jagga gets concious and believes to escape. Komolika checks Anurag and after she confirmed he is sleeping she goes to outside. Nivedita notices Anupam is sleeping and she wakes him up and insists him in couch for a punishment. Anupam goes to couch and believes even after so many struggles mother in law lets daddy in law to sleep .

Moloy wakes up. Jagga finds Komolika and he asks her to untie him so he could escape. Komolika says oncethry will beat you badly than you show my name that is why you must die. Jagga becomes shocked and says I will not reveal your name. Komolika points knife in his throat and asks him to shutup and blames him for Prerna escape. Moloy finds somebody threatening Jagga with Knife with no spects. Komolika moves to otherside discovering him When he wears spects he did not see anybody and he moves thinking perhaps it’s my imagination.

Komolika scares Jagga stating whether I cut your neck or wrist, she decides to cut his wrist to make it . Jagga says folks will think how I can suicide when my hands are tied. Komolika says stage and unties him. Jagga moves back and beverages fell down. Prerna wakesup hearing the noise and goes to check Jagga. Jagga attempts to escape from Komolika. Prerna sees Komolika is hoping to kill Jagga and she asks Sonalika to leave him Komolika says you can not save him. Prerna calls Anurag and he gets aware and comes to downstairs and shocked seeing Komolika attempting to kill Jagga, he predicts Sonalika. She says Anurag that this finds is trying to escape and would like to harm me that is why I’m quitting him and she asks Jagaa to say the fact showing him knife.

Jagga takes Knife and disturbs everyone saying I’ll kill slit Komolika neck. Everybody gets shocked and asks him to leave. Komolika says him throw me Prerna and I’ll throw her to you than escape . Jagga do it like Komolika suggestions and he receives Prerna and stabs her and everybody gets shocked and it’s turn to be Veena dream. She requests Suman to take her to Priyu.

This Anurag stops knife before It rolls Prerna. Komolika gets shocked. Anurag defeats jagga badly. Anupam and Viraj stops him saying he will perish. Anurag consoles Prerna saying nothing will occur to you until I am alive. Viraj feels uneasy and the others gets stunned. Moloy believes Anurag crosses his own limitations seeing Prerna at risk. Anurag than notices Sonalika and asks are you nice. She stays silent. He belongs to Jagga and asks him to show the truth otherwise I’ll kill you. Komolika gets shocked.