Kasautii Zindagii Kay : Prerna Meets Viraj’s Family

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 3rd January 2020 Upcoming Story on Serialgossip.in

The Episode Begins with Prerna crying. Shivani comes to ask her. Prerna cries I did this for mother, I also worry for mother, I love Veena, did not you see what was happening to her, do I have a choice, Komolika planned this. Shivani says Komolika did this to make you from Anurag’s life. Prerna says Viraj will refuse to get union. Shivani says that he is ready for marriage. Prerna says that he will do what I say, I will inform my choice to Viraj, I will tell him what, Veena can induce me, not Viraj.


Its dawn, Veena asks Anurag to come, they’re waiting. Suman says everything is prepared. Anurag gets Viraj, his loved ones and Komolika along. Veena welcome them. Anurag says he’s Viraj, and they’re his parents. He introduces Veena. Veena says I’ll get Prerna. Prerna thinks to speak to Viraj privately and prevent all this. Veena comes and says I’ve seen the man, we did something great that such a wonderful man came to our door, come quickly, where’s the saree that I got for you, wear this, you’ll look really pretty in this. She says a mum’s heart understands everything, you’ll be happy, only a mum knows kid’s improvement and happiness, prepare and come. Prerna says I will come.

Anurag says Sonalika told me about Viraj, we’re here for her. Veena thanks her. Komolika recalls apologizing to Veena. She thinks I was helpless that day and now I made Veena bow me down. Komolika says Anurag is so happy that his friend is settling, Prerna’s happiness is his happiness. She believes to meet Prerna. She inquires can I use washroom. Veena says yes. Komolika says I’ll use Prerna’s bath and meet her also. Veena stops Shivani. Shivani thinks what’s Komolika planning. Veena says Prerna is pregnant.

Viraj’s mum says I know, I do not need to know anything else. Komolika comes to Prerna and states fine saree, you do not have to thank me for this. Prerna argues. Komolika says my strategy was to defame you in Anurag’s eyes, he believes you’re characterless, I thought the reason why to do so when the work can occur in a fantastic way, I made him realize that individuals can say anything, I trust him, I advised him he should get you married, Viraj is extremely high than your standard, I’d have you married to bad man, I just want you to go away from our lives, I’m happy, you loved Anurag and married him, you have his kid, he would like you to get remarried, only think. She says baby, your daddy is getting your mum married, you’ll find a new dad. She goes.

Veena asks Suman to get Prerna. Prerna comes. Anurag smiles seeing her. Prerna greets everyone. Komolika believes Prerna spoke large things about seven births love, now Anurag is forcing her to marry somebody else.

Viraj’s mum says Prerna is extremely beautiful, right Viraj? Veena says we aren’t rich people, but Prerna is our pride, we’ll do her bidaai well. She gets tensed. Viraj holds her hands and says your hands is getting chilly, no need to be nervous, you’re giving us a girl, what more do we desire, we’re fortunate to find a kid that will complete our loved ones, I’m a simple man who understands household’s value, I love children, Anurag could have told you about my wife and unborn child’s accident. Veena says yes.

Anurag says two broken spirits will combine, what can be better than this, there are hardly any folks who think like Viraj, I will ask you, if you like Viraj. Veena nods. Anurag asks did you enjoy Prerna. Viraj’s parents say . Anurag asks Viraj.

Viraj states I like her. Anurag inquires Prerna did she enjoy Viraj. Veena signs her. Anurag says of course you’d like him, so you’re calm. Prerna says I wish to clear few things with Viraj. Viraj claims of course. Komolika asks Veena not to Prerna talk about the past, you would have clarified her to forget everything, right. Veena coughs. Everyone worries. Viraj asks Prerna to say whatever she wants to say. Prerna says I trust you know me, we’re strangers, I do not know if its best to say this, you seem sensible. He asks her to sit. She says I wanted to inform you I still love my husband a whole lot.


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