Kasautii Zindagii kay : Real face of Viraj is revealed

Kasautii Zindagii Kay Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Kasautii Zindagii Kay Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Kasautii Zindagii kay 5th February 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on Serialgossip.in

Episode starts with Anupam knocks trial room door and he asks Anurag to sign the files. Viraj matches Anupam and interior Anurag gets tensed. Anurag asks Anupam to donate papers within the space as opposed to he signs the files and sends him.

Om shows rings to Mohini and says Anurag has purchased good royal diamond ring to your bahu. Mohini says my bahu did not come to shop and she reveals Komolika and says she’s my bahu. Anurag bought some woman sho is pregnant, and she’s your bahu right. Mohini says no and leaves to hunt Anurag. She asks Anupam and he says Anurag is in the trail room.

Prerna comes out from trial area. And Veena asks her to try out the saree and she’ll wait outside. Prerna goes to Route room. Anurag says you’ve got to change because aunty is waiting outside. When Prerna about to say something baby kicks her. Anurag says perhaps baby is mad but Prerna says infant is excited to be with you. Anurag feels happy. Both wipes eachother tears and discuss emotional moment. Prerna says sorry, he asks for what and why you are emotional, whether you would like to say something. Prerna about to say something but has stopped hearing Vena and Mohini verbal warfare.

Komolika notices Viraj and asks him are doing here. Viraj says I’m looking for Prerna and what about you. Komolika says strange because I am looking for Anurag and she tgink Anurag is with Prerna and inquires Anupam about Anurag. He says Anurag is at track number 3.

Anurag asks Why our mothers always fight what is their prob and we will need to say we’re here. Mohini says your daughter is with Anurag inside test room. Veena says your little thoughts are visible on your words. Mohini says you’ll receive your answer when I show them and she says this room locked so that both are indoors. Veena says that my daughter can not do wrong things. Anurag says sorry for this circumstance. Prerna closes his mouth and he gets flashes of past.

Komolika comes to trial room and asks Anurag to open the door and watch her dress. Veena states Prerna is inside not Anurag. Komolika gets shocked. Anurag promises to Prerna to keep her safe. Prerna comes out with her saree and Mohini asks him to move the tests the space but Anurag escapes out of upside. Prerna says I do not like this saree and she goes with Veena to see additional saree.

Mohini believes where is Anurag if he’s not here. Anurag meets his physician and thanks him for his medications saying those are functioning. Doctor believe Anurag is great one and he should know the truth and he calls Anurag and says that I need to tell the truth associated with your past. Anurag sees Jagga and yells cease and follows him. Prerna calls him and Anurag stops. Mohini and Komolika gets mad. Prerna feels some pain and Anurag suggests Veena to take Prerna to home. They agrees.

Viraj follows Jagga and defeats him and says you kidnapped Prergnant Prerna and why did not you kill her and you know how much danger I choose to escape you out of them and you can not even kill unborn girl and I asked you to stay away but you came here and he beats him . Komolika stops Viraj asks Jagga to depart. Komolika says it is not time to show your actual Moto Viraj and visit Prerna home and helps her. Viraj says I whined about speed number and requires Anurag to wrong location so our goons get time to kill Prerna but these individuals neglected, if your guy can’t than I’ll try in my ways and leaves speaking with Anurag.