Kasautii Zindagii kay : Anurag gifts engagement dress to Prerna

Kasautii Zindagii Kay Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Kasautii Zindagii Kay Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Kasautii Zindagii kay 6th February 2020 Upcoming story and Twist on Serialgossip.in

Episode starts with Viraj comes to Prerna home and gives her new garments for involvement and says now we did not choose at mall so mother sent these clothes. Veena says I understand how you tried to capture the offender, she notices his bruised hand and asks him what happened. Viraj says I jumped while running to catch Jagga and I am sorry aunty I did not caught him. Veena says ok. Viraj says I am promising you aunty u won’t let anything occurs to Prerna and not one can touch you after our union, Prerna. And that is why I ordered CCTV and safety at my dwelling. Veena says thank you and Prerna smiles. He leaves.

Komolika inquires Debu did you donate Anurag his medications. He replies yes. She believes to say Debu altered medicine if she ever caught. Prerna reminsces mall minutes seeing engagement ring. She gets amazed seeing Anurag and reminsces their past. Anurag says I know you are concerned about ring that is why I came here. And he aplies lotion to ring finger and attempts to eliminate it It will not come out. Anurag says I will not allow you to face any embarrassing situation on your participation until than keep this ring with you and tomorrow I will bring yet another alternative. Prerna thinks why Anurag isn’t remembering anything.

Anurag makes Servant packs so many presents for Prerna. Mohini got to understand it from debu and says Anurag has large heart to help others. Komolika says you warned me about Prerna plans and that I won’t let anybody snatch my husband . Nivedita says nothing will happen in this manner. Komolika says I am going so I can control if something awful happens and goes.

Shivani assures Prerna that Anurag will recover his memory and asks where’s engagement ring. Prerna reveals her ring on finger. Shivani says I am talking about other ring for service. Anurag arrives in Prerna’s engagement ceremony using a presents for herand he gives dress for Prerna to Veena.

Prerna states why suddenly Anurag memory improvement is ceased. Shivani says do not let your confidence in your love break, guarantees her Anurag will recover his memory. Prerna believes I hope so.

Veena asks Anurag to provide dress present to Prerna. 1 old woman meets Anurag in his manner and states first time when I met you I asked you to marry Prerna. Anurag says than what I did. She says you married her and now you’re marrying her again. Anurag gets confused and Veena sends Dadi off and asks Anurag to depart Dadi words since she always combine different circumstance. He agrees.

Prerna assesses her lamp. Anurag helps her and gets minor shock. Prerna takes care of his hands. Anurag inquires Shivani is saying you know about my birth how. Prerna says for my heart. Anurag presents her dress and says I do not understand how to eliminate this ring. Komolika enters the room and says you came here and this union is my idea so I would like to be a part of every ceremonies. Anurag says you are sleeping that is why. Komolika says we share bed and room so I will know when you depart. Anurag goes out to assist Veena.

Komolika says Anurag is mine and gets mad seeing the ring in Prerna Finger and asks her who gave it to her. Prerna says Anurag makes me wear it and he did not understand it’ll struck and I wish If I did not inquires chunri on our wedding day he’ll be with me. Komolika says that is why I am in his life for a wife. Prerna says that he loves me not you and love is profound feeling you can not understand and feeling will grow more when you attempted to stop them.