Kasautii Zindagii Kay 6th March 2020 : Komolika Recalls The Past

Kasautii Zindagii Kay Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Kasautii Zindagii Kay Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 6th March 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on Serialgossip.in

The Episode Begins with Komolika asking for Mohini. She speaks to Tapur. She sees Mohini with Nivedita. She asks did you sisters not patch up. Tapur says no. Komolika says your thoughts do not match some times. Tapur says not some instances, but constantly. Mohini talks to the guests. They praise Komolika. Komolika smiles. She sees Veena and goes to her. She greets a woman. Suman and Veena look at her. The woman asks why did you keep such classless stall here. Komolika insults Veena. She believes I’m Basu’s Bahu, I m Mrs. Komolika Anurag Basu, I want Prerna’s soul will get peace. The man says I’ve checked Kuki’s certificates, Mr. Bajaj had paid a huge contribution, Kuki is a smart student and would find the entrance on her merits.

Prerna sees a procession going. Kuki asks will you need her for formalities. He says no, simply submit the form. Kuki asks Prerna to go for darshan and come. Prerna asks her to not make any mistake and just go. Anurag gets Rakhi to the pandal. Rakhi hugs everybody and says Nisha will come tomorrow. Rakhi says I’ll have darshan first and then have prasad. Komolika retains Anurag’s hand. He says its alright, no need to do play. Komolika says we’re husband and wife, we could hold hands. He says yes, we know what we are, we are not husband and wife. She says we are, we’ve got a daughter. He says I know Diya, how can I forget, I love her, that was the major mistake of my life once I got much drunk…. She states and we united. He says that was my error, come.

He belongs to pray. Prerna comes from the pandal. Anurag feels her. He cries and recalls her. He believes Prerna did not kill Viraj blatantly, she did that to save me. He cries. Komolika believes that I was helpless to do that with Viraj for th sake of Anurag, its eight decades, it seems as though it happened yesterday, when I reached the cliff…. FB reveals Komolika getting a telephone. She sees the video recording. She thinks I should see what happened , this time Prerna will get trapped in murder case, she can not prove that she murdered Viraj in self defense, because fight is occurring between Anurag and Viraj. She says thanks Viraj, you helped me a lot. FB ends. Komolika believes fate was on my side, I wanted Prerna to get away, Anurag’s memory came back, I tried to receive his sympathy as Sonalika, but Prerna challenged me, I phoned Anurag in farmhouse and he’d come.

FB reveals Anurag coming to fulfill Sonalika in the farmhouse. He says I can clarify, I understand why you called me to speak, I was worried, I had been with Prerna. She asks really. He says I know I might have spoken to you, you’d have known it, sorry Sonalika, I just love Prerna, I adore her, I just want her, in actuality, I know this will hurt you, but we got married when I’d stuffed sindoor in Prerna’s maang. She asks why did you believe none can love you more than Prerna, why. He says its not the thing, who loves me more, thing is, what I need, I love Prerna, sorry, but I just love her. She cries.

He says our love is unconditional, I will do anything for her love. She asks can you go to any limitation, right. He says yes, try me. She says then you may kill Prerna to rescue her. He shouts Sonalika. She states do not shout, I presumed you’ll love me, I did a lot to receive your love, answer me.

He says look, I’m sorry, I know you can not understand me today, I came to tell you something else, we’ll talk afterwards, I’m leaving. She says love, adore, love, you know love, no, in the event that you understood, then you’d have known that none could have loved you more than Komolika, why did she die, when you gave a hand to rescue her. He recalls Komolika. She says she decided to die, why, since she could not see you with any other woman, she’d loved you a lot, what did she want, your love, which you never gave her, she died and then conquered death and came back as Sonalika, I m Komolika. He gets shocked. She gets the newspapers and yells at him. She says this has my life’s moments recorded. He assesses the medical history. She says it’s everything about my operations.