Kasautii Zindagii Kay Upcoming Story 26th August 2020 : Anurag and Prerna’s petty fights over Samidha

Kasautii Zindagii Kay Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Kasautii Zindagii Kay Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

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The episode starts with Samidha asking about his daughter. She asks him to apply the bandage thinking her to be his daughter. Anurag is too scared to apply a bandage. Prerna comes there and pushes Anurag away. They both fight over applying medicine.

Prerna asks how did she get hurt and accuses Anurag even after Samidha clearing it. Prerna starts applying medicine and Anurag fights with her. A frustrated Samidha herself applies medicine seeing them. They both fight over who loves Samidha the most. Having enough of their bickering, Samidha shouts at them asking whether they are husband and wife. They recall their sindoor marriage and gets stunned. When they are drowned in the past memories, Pandit wishes them to be together forever and leaves giving prasad.

Komolika gets few papers delivered and thinks to get Anurag’s sign. Samidha asks if they are husband and wife and Prerna says they are not. She says that some fights will happen because of broken trust. Samidha notices Anurag’s hand hurt which got wounded last night during his fight with Komolika.

Samidha asks Prerna to apply for medicine but she denies. Samidha applies medicine to him and asks Prerna to blow air on the wound. They treat his wound. Anurag wonders how strange attachment he has with Samidha despite her being a stranger and wonders about their relation.

Prerna makes Samidha wear her bag and sends her to sit in car. She taunts Anurag for rusticating Kukki and says that she has started investigation and will not leave him if his name is involved in it. She leaves and Komolika watches them. She thinks that she would’ve been angry if she saw them together before, but now this is needed for her next plan and looks at the papers.

Kaushik is worried about Sneha when a girl informs him that he’s class topper. He didn’t think about it much and asks if the investigation has started. They say yes and he gets relieved as he himself don’t have the courage to confess the truth.

Prerna and Samidha comes home and Samidha reveals that she didn’t inform anyone about visiting her as she was missing her and they wouldn’t allow. Prerna calls it bad manners and Samidha apologizes her. She gives her few gifts which also contains the chunri in which she was wrapped while brought to orphanage. Prerna gets into thinking.

Komolika comes to Anurag’s office and diverts his attention making him to sign the papers. He gets call from college who says about investigation started over Kukki’s and asks for his permission to check Monish and Kaushik’s phone call too. Anurag asks them to proceed while Komolika lies the papers to be college investigation papers. Anurag too signs it without reading it.

Precap : Prerna tries knowing about Samidha to Priyanka. Komolika tries to demolish the ashram.