Kasautii Zindagii Kay Upcoming Story 2nd September 2020 : Kukki hears Kaushik’s confession

Kasautii Zindagii Kay Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Kasautii Zindagii Kay Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

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The episode starts with Prerna immediately removing her hands from Anurag. Anurag apologizes but Samidha asks why’s he asking sirry6. She says that it’s Prerna’s fault for misunderstanding each other. Prerna too apologizes and Samidha gives flower to Prerna. Komolika swears to make Prerna’s life fill with thorns if he gives flower. Anurag gives flower to Anurag. Komolika is about to go near them when Bhabhi calls her. She asks Prerna to come with her.

Prerna leaves and Bhabhi praises Samidha. Samidha says that one shouldn’t fight unnecessarily. Anurag gets into thinking. Komolika comes to Mohini who asks her to apply mehendi on Anurag’s name even if she doesn’t like it. Komolika thinks it’s the right way to hurt Prerna. Veena too asks Prerna to apply mehendi. However suddenly Bhabhi calls her for some work and she leaves.

Monish keeps saying Kaushik that he loves Kukki but he denies it. He asks her to think what will happen to their relation if Kukki gets to know thar he’s the one who leaked the question papers. Kukki spots Kaushik’s broach and is about to return it. She hides hearing his conversation with Monish. Monish asks if he loves Kukki or not and Kaushik shouts that he does. Kukki hears it and gets shocked. Shivani tries getting a glimpse of Ronit and her Bhabhi teases over it.

Komolika finds Ronit not giving any glance towards Shivani. Komolika texts Ronit to give attention to Shivani so that she doesn’t come out of her love poison. She says she shouldn’t get doubtful that whether he is doing it for her revenge. Moloy notices Komolika sending message to Ronit. Ronit reads it and goes to Shivani. He sits with her and starts showing his fake love on Shivani.

Anurag recalls giving flowers to Prerna. Prerna twists her leg while moving and Anurag nurses her. Prerna taunts Anurag and they argue. Anurag asks her to let him help her as a repay for her saving his life. Monish asks what’s he saying and Kaushik says that before he thought that Kukki is like him who lives on her father’s money and has attitude. However soon he realized that she’s not that way. He says that whenever he see her he found some sadness in her eyes and its not only because of rustication. He says that he couldn’t tolerate whenever he see her cry and Kukki hears it getting emotional. Ronit gets Shivani’s initial on his hand and praises her mehendi on Komolika’s saying.

Moloy understands it and he too gets involved in it. In the pretext of getting mehendi, he sneaks away with Ronit’s mobile. Shivani’s friend Shilpa takes her with her and Ronit gets tensed. Komolika wonders the reason for it. Anurag says Prerna that she should let him help as its a poisonous thorn. He removes the thorn.

Precap : Anurag apologizes Prerna and says that he will confess today that why he did all that with her.