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The episode starts with Mohini asking Komolika if she’s angry at Prerna and what happened. She says about Prerna signing papers as Anurag wife in hospital and that Anurag is getting operated.

Mohini and Nivedhita gets shocked and worried for Anurag. They ask her what happened but Komolika says that she didn’t ask about all that. They all rush to the hospital.

The ask Anurag’s room no in reception and Mohini and Nivedhita rushes to see him. On the way Komolika finds Prerna in the lounge and goes to her. She lashes out at Prerna for being shameless and characterless to be still behind her husband.

She taunts Prerna that she still loves her husband and that’s the reason she has signed the papers as his wife. Prerna says that she hates Anurag but don’t want him to die. She says that she wants him alive in order to get her revenge.

Komolika brushes off her claims and says that she still loves Anurag and that’s the reason she couldn’t see him in pain. Prerna acknowledges that she do have love for him at a corner of her heart and mocks Komolika. She asks Komolika what will happen when Anurag too realizes that he loves her as she’s his first love anyways.

Komolika gets shocked. Prerna leaves thinking that she will not let her win even in the war of words. She thinks to treat her with poison to defeat her poisonous words while Komolikas fumes.

Mohini and Nivedhita are outside Anurag’s room and wonders Where’s Komolika. Mohina says that she would’ve gone to meet Prerna. Nivedhita wonders Prerna’s hand behind Anurag’s condition.

Doctor comes out and they asks about Anurag condition. Doctor says that he’s out of danger now and they could meet him. Prerna watches it from afar. Mohini and Nivedhita meets Anurag inside the ot. Mohini scolds Anurag for continuously landing in hospital. They ask about his condition and he says he’s fine.

Anurag asks about Prerna and Mohini and Nivedhita lies that she has left. They say that it’s only Komolika who’s outside now. Anurag goes silent. They asks if Prerna is responsible for his condition but Anurag says that she’s the one who saved him.

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Prerna calls Kukki and informs about a family came to see her. Kukki gets excited and is happy to meet them. She cuts the call and meets Anushka and they both bicker. Mohini finds Komolika who’s fuming at her peak. She says about Anurag gaining conscious but Komolika says that she’ll meet him later and marches furiously towards Prerna.

Mohini tries stopping her but she doesn’t listen. Mohini stops her forcefully and slaps her while Nivedhita gets shocked. Nivedhita furiously marches towards Mohini but Mohini says that Prerna is instigating her so that she can lose her cool and asks her not to give a chance for her to win.

Komolika says she’s right but she’s wrong in slapping her. Mohini apologizes. Komolika says that Me. Bajaj is the only way to get back at Prerna.

Precap : Komolika calls Bajaj and says about Prerna signing the papers as Anurag’s wife. Prerna says Anurag that it’s her time for revenge after 8 years suffering.

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