Kashibai Bajirao Ballal Upcoming Story: Baji decides to make Radha feel guilty?


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Zee TV show Kashibai Bajirao Ballal will witness an exciting drama. Bajirao regrets for doubting Kashi’s decision and he also questions Radha. Baji decides to not talk to Radha and he also stands up for Kashi. Will he give the deserving place to Kashi in Saswad? that will be exciting to watch.

Previously it was shown that Baji left to question Radha. Shiu got happy thinking now Radha will know how it feels to face your own son’s anger. Kashi felt sad as Baji left suddenly. Bajirao got attacked by some soldiers on his way and someone tried to stab him from behind. The traitor who was spared by Balaji saved Baji by sacrificing his life. Baji realised Kashi was not wrong.

Later he reached Saswad and told Radha to give honest answers. Radha accepted that she punished Kashi several times and hurt her. There Kashi got heartbroken to know Baji got saved by the traitor who is now dead.

In future episodes it will be seen Baji will decide not to talk to his mother in return of her insensitive behaviour towards his wife. Radha will be terribly upset and she will cry. Balaji will blame her for breaking the bond between a mother and son. There Kashi will decide not to go back until Bajirao comes to take her to Saswad. Baji will feel guilty for not protecting his wife. He will mess up his room in anger and will decide to stay away from Kashi as she should not stay in place where she doesn’t get respect.

His siblings will try to convince him to send a letter to Kashi but he will be adamant. He will refuse to eat food and Kashi will be hungry too. Balaji will tell Radha to bring back Kashi else Baji will remain unhappy. Baji will talk to a doll which Kashi left for him. Baji will imagine Kashi in his room and will decide to stand up for her honor.

Later Radha will send Kaveri to tell Kashi that she broke her promise and told Baji the truth to gain his support. There Baji will be determined to make Radha feel guilty about her act. Kashi will miss Baji.

Will Radha apologise to Kashi?

What will be Radha’s decision?

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