Kashibai Bajirao Ballal Upcoming Story: Kashi and Bajirao to meet each other after seven years ?


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Zee TV show Kashibai Bajirao Ballal will witness a seven years of leap. After Balaji’s death Kashi is being blamed by Baji and Radha. Baji leaves Saswad to become an eligible Peshwa. He returns back after seven years. It will be exciting to watch how Kashi and Baji will start loving each other again.

Previously it was shown that Radha wore widow’s clothes and cursed Kashi saying the latter went through immense pain like her. Later Baji mistreated Kashi and people questioned Baji’s potential and he challenged them saying he will prove his worth that he deserves the post of Peshwa. Kashi gave him the idea being his secret friend.

Baji regretted for marrying her and she felt upset. Baji got kidnapped by the competitors of Peshwa’s post. Kashi saw a bad dream and went to check him but she saw him sleeping but in real he fell unconscious by the kidnappers. She received a letter where it’s written Baji is running away like a coward. Kashi didn’t believe that.

In future episodes it will be seen Kashi will trap Naroram and Chimaji to find Bajirao. Naroram will go to see Baji is kidnapped or not. Kashi will make the guards unconscious and will help Baji to escape without his knowledge. Baji will later defeat Naroram who will underestimate him by calling him a kid.

Baji will win the chess match too. But he will be asked to stay away from his family for seven years. Baji will tell Kashi that he didn’t love her new self. Kashi will allow Baji to leave and after seven years Kashi will get excited for Baji’s return.

Will Baji forgive Kashi?

Will Kashi and Baji get united?

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