Kashibai Bajirao Ballal Upcoming Story: Kashi to get the public support?


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Zee TV show Kashibai Bajirao Ballal currently focusing on a track of Kashi being pregnant. She sends Baji to war to save Bundelkhand from Mughals. There Radha decides to reveal about Kashi’s pregnancy to Bajirao. Will Baji meet Mastani during war? that will be exciting to watch.

Previously it was shown that Kashi learned that she is pregnant with Baji’s child but she also read the letters sent by Mastani to Bajirao. She understood Bundelkhand’s situation and decided to send Baji to save them from Mughals. There Baji said he has reasons to help those people. Kashi hid about her pregnancy from Bajirao until he rescues Bundelkhand people.

But Radha suspected that Kashi might be pregnant seeing the glow on her face and her expressions after the topic related to child has been discussed. She sent her baby bangles too which made Kashi happy.

In future episodes it will be shown Kashi will ask Baji about the multiple letter sent by Mastani to him. She will question him why he doesn’t want to help the poor people of Bundelkhand who are getting tortured brutally by Mughals. Bajirao will give many reasons, as Bundelkhand’s king was once Mughals’s friend and Baji can’t risk his soldiers’ lives for the betterment of other state. He will ask Kashi not to take war related decisions as it’s his job not hers.

Kashi will tell him to be kind and later she will call for an election where Puna people will decide whether her point is right or Bajirao’s. Kashi will also talk about leaving Peshwin’s post if Baji gets the maximum number of support. Everyone will support Baji and the latter will feel Kashi will lose. Baji will think of spending quality time with Kashi and will give her mangoes when she will be craving for food at midnight.

Radha will also think Kashi will lose power finally. But Kashi will get the public support surprisingly and Baji will decide to go to war. Later Radha will tell Kashi that she will reveal about her pregnancy to Baji as Kashi has no right to hide that.

Will Kashi stop Radha?

Will Baji learn that he will be a father?

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