Kashibai Bajirao Ballal Upcoming Story: King Shahu to not accept demand of Damaji?


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Zee TV show Kashibai Bajirao Ballal will witness a high voltage drama. Baji will get trapped by his enemy when he will go to rescue his family. There Kashi will take Wada’s responsibility in Bajirao’s absence. Kashi will also go to meet King Shahu to find a solution.Will Baji return back safely with his family? that will be exciting to watch.

Previously it was shown that Damaji made Bajirao’s family as hostages along with Bajirao. Damaji’s soldiers went to attack sawad wada but Kashi’s bravery and sensible decision saved the people out there. Anu continuously taunted Kashi and there Radha also blamed Baji for failing to trap Damaji and she put the blame on Kashi for making Baji a weak person. Balaji tried to shut her up but she blamed him too for changing his order of death penalty by coming under Kashi’s influence.

In future episodes it will be seen Kashi will tell the wada people to face the enemies with unity. She will exchange the money with stones and as a result Damaji’s men will get nothing but stones. Later Kashi will go to meet King Shahu to talk about the huge demand of Damaji. King Shahu will refuse to give 75 thousand coins for Balaji. There Damaji will decide to kill Balaji’s family if he doesn’t get the money.

What will Kashi do?

Will Baji free his family?

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