Kashibai Bajirao Ballal Upcoming Story: Radha to give orders to Chima to kill Mastani?


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Zee TV show Kashibai Bajirao Ballal currently focusing on a track of Bajirao and Mastani’s growing romance. The truth recently broke Kashi down and she is unable to believe that Baji can betray her. Now what will happen next It will be exciting to watch.

Previously it was shown that Kashi was forced by Bajirao to take Mastani to Shaniwad wada so that people start respecting her. Kashi agreed after a lot of conversation but then she saw that Mastani is reading namaz which shook her head. She told Mastani not to enter the wada as she is a Mughal.

Mastani said she cant disobey Baji if he wants her to stay in the wada. There Baji got disappointed seeing Mastani didnt come to wada with Kashi. He questioned Kashi and the latter told his family that how much he loves a Mughal. Radha lashed out at Baji for loving a Mughal without thinking about their reputation.

In future episodes it will be seen Baji will defend Mastani as he had no issues with different religion but his issue was the nasty thoughts of Mughals. He will reveal Mastani is a Hindu though her mother is a Muslim, she has a caring Hindu father. He will give reasons as to why loving Mastani is not wrong. Why they should not judge him.

He will call for a sabha and will ask for justice from Kashi. Priest and Baji’s family will be against Mastani and Radha will even decide to leave the wada to avoid staying with Mastani. Kashi will be in a fix thinking she should support Bajirao or she should support others.

Later Baji will talk about bringing Mastani to Wada and Kashi will scold Mastani but the latter will say that she wants her relationship to become legal. Radha will order Chima to kill Mastani to end the drama.

Will Baji bring Mastani to Wada?

Will Kashi support Mastani?

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