Katha Ankahee 10th March 2023 Written Update: Viaan puts forth a condition to Neerja’s son’s


The episode starts with Aarav asks Katha how can a kid can get upset with their parents. Katha says when the kids grow up the different point of opinions. Aarav says they have had these differences too. Katha tells Aarav that they have talked and cleared the misunderstanding. She further tells him about her failed attempt to talk to Neerja’s son’s. Meanwhile Viaan pleads Neerja to let him talk to both Varun and Rajat. Neerja refuses saying that her son’s will insult him which she can’t let it happen. Viaan convinces Neerja and the latter gives into his request also praises his convincing skills. Viaan makes Neerja promise him that she won’t let Katha know about their conversation.

Neerja agrees. The next day Aarav rushes to Katha and urges her to go to Garewal’s house to celebrate Holi. Katha jokes at him. Neerja talks about applying colours to each other but Aarav says Katha don’t get involved in this as she is better at making arrangements of Holi then goes inside. Neerja questions Katha. Katha tells it’s her and Aditya’s favorite festival. They both celebrated Holi enough and she is happy to live with the memories. Aarav brings colours. Both Katha and Aarav puts Tilak on Aditya’s photo. They all then gears up to go to Garewal’s house to celebrate Holi with them.

Viaan goes to meet Neerja’s son’s Varun and Rajat. Varun inquires Viaan the reason behind him visiting them also taunts him after learns that Viaan is here to talk about Neerja. Viaan recalls smiling Neerja’s predictions. Here Teji wonders where Viaan went and inquires about the staff’s. She also gets upset that Viaan is breaking their ritual. Meanwhile Katha stops her auto rickshaw in a midway to buy gifts for the Garewal’s.

Viaan will offer a deal to pay Varun and Rajat double the amount of the actual price of Neerja’s land in return asks them not to trouble Neerja. Both Varun and Rajat gets happy and agrees to Viaan’s deal. Viaan tells he have a condition. Varun and Rajat looks at each other clueless. Here Neerja checks her phone and looks worried. Aarav lifts up her mood by getting to a funny banter with her.

Viaan tells both Varun and Rajat to make Neerja feel that her presence is important for them in their life by calling her once in a month and asking her few opinions about their life for that also he will pay for them. Varun and Rajat gets confused with Viaan’s condition and asks him the reason behind it. Viaan tells them the importance of a parent’s presence in their life. Varun and Rajat agrees to do what Viaan asked them to. Kailash proudly tells the guests it’s Yuvraj who made all these arrangements. Reet gets happy hearing it. Yuvraj pleads with Meera to forgive him for the way he treated her the day before in the restaurant.

Meera tells him how much his behavior affected her. Katha gets shocked seeing Yuvraj with Meera. Yuvraj tells Meera about Kailash’s attempt to surprise him but then says it’s all temporary and the only thing that he is sure about in his life is Meera. He also applies colour on her. Later Katha Aarav and Neerja arrives at the Garewal’s house. Kavita informs Kailash that Katha won’t play Holi. Aarav gives gifts to his cousins and goes to play with them. Yuvraj arrives there. Reet praises Yuvraj. Kailash also praises him. Katha looks on uncomfortable.

Precap: Kailash asks Katha to play Holi with them as a return gift. He also calls her as his daughter. Katha celebrates Holi with her family. Meanwhile Viaan celebrates Holi with his family. Katha gets emotional seeing the colour that’s in her face. Later Ehsan stops a girl and warns her that Viaan will lose his cool if he saw her. The girl says she has rejoined which shocks Ehsan. Later Katha learns through Neerja that Viaan bought Neerja the glasses. In the office Viaan goes and stands infront of Katha with a smile on his face.