Katha Ankahee 13th March 2023 Written Update: Kailash’s unusual demand shocks Katha


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The episode starts with Farah asks Teji to not to get upset because Viaan will arrive. Ehsan asks her what happened. Teji complains about Viaan for forgetting their morning ritual. Farah tries to distract her. Here Katha sees Yuvraj’s behavior towards Reet and looks on confused.

She then receives a call from Ehsan who wishes her Holi. Katha wishes him back and says she is with the Garewal’s. Ehsan tells her about Viaan’s weird behavior. Katha gets confused hearing it. Aarav calls Katha so the latter excuses herself then leaves the place. Ehsan looks on.

Neerja looks tensed. Katha questions her the reason. Neerja recalls Viaan’s promise. She then lies to Katha that she is missing her son’s. Katha assures her everything will be alright soon. Her son’s will understand her soon. Neerja looks on.

Here Teji questions Viaan for failing to follow their Holi ritual also fails to answer her calls. Viaan wipes her tears. He then tells her about meeting Neerja few days back who was abandoned by her son’s. He decides to bring happiness in the abandoned mother’s life hence he went to meet her son’s to unite them together. He gets succeed in his mission.

Teji gets proud. Viaan calls himself lucky to have Teji as his mother. Teji also says that she is happy to have Viaan as her son. They both hugs each other. Teji becomes emotional. Neerja gets a call from her son’s both Varun and Rajat.

She meets them in the venue where the Holi celebration is in full swing. They both tries to hug Neerja which confuses the latter. Varun and Rajat apologises to Neerja for troubling her for the land. They also promises not to repeat their mistakes.

Neerja gets shocked and surprised. She recalls Viaan’s words and becomes speechless. Both Varun and Rajat promises to contact her often. Rajat requests her to guide them by giving her advices when they needed it.

Neerja gets emotional. She asks her son’s to take care of themselves also promises to be there for them. Varun and Rajat leaves the place. Neerja wears the glass which Viaan brought for her and enters the venue happily.

In Rajvanshi mansion, Viaan tells Teji they are going to celebrate Holi a little different. He then reveals their this year Holi theme colour is Green. Both Farah and Ehsan makes Teji and Viaan wear a green colour shawl. Meanwhile Kavita and Kailash goes to Katha and gives her a Holi gift.

Katha tells them that she didn’t bought them any gifts. Kailash asks Katha to play Holi with them as a return gift. He also says Katha that he is accepting her as his daughter and he wants his daughter to be happy and take part in this festival.

Kailash reminds Katha it was Aditya’s favorite festival. He adds that Aditya wants nothing but to see Katha happy. Katha gets emotional. She then agrees to play Holi with them and calls Kailash as Papa which makes Kailash emotional.

They both hugs each other. Reet gets annoyed seeing them then leaves. Katha looks at herself in the mirror. She recalls her moments with Aditya and gets emotional. She then applies colour on her face and a tear falls on her cheeks.

Kailash and Kavita watches and becomes emotional. Meanwhile Ehsan drinks baang and says to Viaan that he knows the latter won’t have it but Viaan surprises him by having baang. Ehsan and Viaan hugs each other.

Precap: Both Katha and Viaan celebrates their Holi with their families. At night Viaan receives a call from his previous employee who apologises to him for her behavior and requests to accept her back as she didn’t get any job. Viaan agrees.

Katha learns from Neerja that Viaan bought her specs. Later Viaan calls Katha and requests her to meet him in a dhaba similarly their Lonavola trip. He felt lightened talking to her. Katha smiles.