Katha Ankahee 15th March 2023 Written Update: Katha and Viaan presents Lonavola projects ideas to the client’s


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The episode starts with Jeetu bhai asks Viaan do he really think that it will be a right decision after what happened? Viaan says to Jeetu bhai that he is sure also he could have reacted better at that time. Jeetu bhai wonders whether Shamita feels guilty for what she had done.

Viaan tells that he felt Shamita is truly ashamed of her behavior. He then says that everyone deserves a chance. Jeetu bhai informs him about the agreement he made for Shamita to rejoin. Viaan then decides to discuss about other works but Shamita comes to the cabin. S

he thanks Viaan for giving second opportunity also promises to not to disappoint him then leaves. Ehsan gets shocked seeing Shamita there. He takes her aside and warns her about Viaan’s anger. Shamita says that Viaan is the one who called her and she rejoined the company again.

Ehsan gets surprised. He then goes and questions Viaan about his decision to Shamita’s rejoining. Viaan says that everyone deserves a second chance especially after they decides to rectify their mistakes. Ehsan makes fun of him for his change in behavior.

He then questions Viaan about his outfit. Viaan reminds him about the Lonavola project presentation. Ehsan wishes him luck then leaves.

Shamita expresses her happiness with Jenny and Nivedita about rejoining the company. Katha greets Shamita and the latter praises her. Viaan comes to Katha. They both leaves for the presentation. Katha gets confused seeing his outfit.

Katha presents the idea of building Eco friendly cottages. She explains in detail also thanks the board members for giving Earthcon an opportunity. Viaan also joins Katha, they both together shares the project ideas. The board members gets happy and impressed and agrees to discuss the deal with Earthcon which makes both Katha and Viaan happy.

On their way to office Katha asks Viaan whether he found the dhaba for their dinner. Viaan tells her, he failed to find one so he decides to take her to a restaurant and asks whether she comfortable with this. Katha expresses her wish is to go to a similar dhaba which is nothing but simple then agrees to go to the restaurant.

Viaan sends Batman (Aarav) a message that his idea backfired. Aarav laughs receiving Robin (Viaan’s) message. He then advices him to not to do any extravagant arrangements as his special friend seems too simple. Viaan worries.

Aarav asks him to calm down and suggests to do some breathing exercises. Viaan does which confuses Katha. He makes up something which brings a smile on Katha’s face.

In the office Viaan thanks the entire team for their efforts to get the Lonavola project. Ehsan teases Katha. Viaan then calls up Katha and praises her. Ehsan recalls Armaan Oberoi’s words and gets upset seeing Katha and Viaan together.

Later Viaan practices what to speak to Katha during dinner. He gets frustrated then decides to say what he feels during dinner. He then receives a call from the restaurant and the manager explains him about the arrangements. Viaan strictly informs he wants the arrangements to be simple. The manager obliges.

Meera asks Katha the reason behind her calling to the cabin. Katha assigns her a work related to Lonavola project. She then asks Meera how she celebrated her Holi also asked whether she met her special friend.

Meera tells Katha that she celebrated Holi with her friends also her special friend celebrated Holi with his family. She then asks Katha to not to judge her like others also says her special friend is only a friend to her. Katha questions then why she didn’t celebrated Holi with her friend and his family.

She also says when the truth comes out her friend will have to choose between her and her family and whatever he chooses he will end up getting hurt which will eventually hurt her too so pleads Meera to think well and end it. Meera looks on teary eyed.

Precap: Viaan asks Katha to wait for him few minutes then they can go to a dinner. Katha obliges. Later Viaan enters the cabin and Shamita shouts at him which confuses Viaan. Shamita accuses Viaan for asking her to spend a night with him. Everyone gets shocked while Viaan gets furious.

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