Katha Ankahee 17th March 2023 Written Update: Jeetu bhai’s revelation shocks Teji and Farah


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The episode starts with Neerja returning home. Aarav excitedly shows her something then senses she is upset so asks her what happened. Katha tells Aarav nothing happened and she is tired and hugs him. She then says Neerja will put him to sleep. Neerja obliges. Both Neerja and Aarav goes inside. Katha recalls everything that happened. She then says that she isn’t afraid of that night anymore and thought just like her he was also broken. Then wonders who Viaan is the one who met her in a hotel room or the one who she got to experience during her Lonavola trip. Katha recalls Shamita’s accusation then breaksdown.

Jeetu bhai talks to the lawyer and informs him about Shamita’s threat. Ehsan arrives there and informs Shamita’s demand to start the internal trial for sexual harassment against Viaan. Viaan tells they can’t afford the reputation getting ruined. So he asks Jeetu bhai to call the board members to inform them about what’s happening. Jeetu bhai obliges. Ehsan also leaves. Viaan cancels his dinner date arrangements in the hotel. Meanwhile Katha looks sad. Neerja complains to her about Aarav then asks her the reason what happened.

Katha refuses to tell her. Neerja shows her the family photo and prey the information from her. Katha tells her about Shamita who rejoined the company. In the office, Jeetu bhai informs the board members about Shamita’s allegations against Viaan. Both Teji and Farah gets furious. They both threatens to not to spare Shamita saying they should file a defamation case against on her. Ehsan calms down them both. He then says they are here to discuss about it and informs the board members about Shamita’s threat. The board members asks Viaan, Ehsan and Teji, Farah to leave so that they can able to take a decision. Teji refuses but Farah convinces then takes her away from there.

Viaan says to Teji it was Shamita who flirt with him back then so he fired her. Few days back she called him and asked him for a job after apologizing so he hired her back. She then today told her that she is uncomfortable working here so asked for recommendation letter which he sent her but he doesn’t know how the message is send from his phone. Teji says to Viaan that he is her son so she don’t need explanation as she trust him.

Ehsan takes Viaan from there and suggests to give Shamita some money to shut her mouth to save their reputation. Viaan refuses to let Ehsan do this. Meanwhile Katha informs Neerja about Shamita’s allegations. Neerja defends Viaan saying the latter will never do such things. Katha says Shamita has a proof. Neerja says may be Shamita planted it. Katha gets confused. Neerja’s supporting words brings back Katha’s conversation with Viaan about the loan which makes the latter anxious.

Farah asks Teji why the men in the family is doing such mistakes. Teji gets shocked and asks Farah to not to say such things because Viaan never will do such things. Farah reminds her about the message in Shamita’s phone. She then says the history is repeating again and if they fails then Viaan will get destroyed. Here Katha struggles to answer Neerja’s question about whether she hates Viaan or not.

Neerja then advices Katha to not to blindly support anything or hate anyone. Katha asks how to find who is innocent in this matter. Neerja starts explaining her how to find through a story. Meanwhile the board members decides to support Viaan. Viaan suggests them to hire a head for a new internal team who could start the trials. He further adds that everyone should be treated equally and he don’t want anyone from this office feel unsafe. Mr.Agarwal warns him about the consequences if he fails to prove his innocence in this trial. Viaan remains stubborn in his decision so the board members agrees to follow his order.

Precap: Katha meets the board members and Mr.Agarwal informs her she is the head which shocks Katha. Later Viaan announces his decision to temporarily step-down as a CEO until the trial completes shocking everyone. Katha enters the elevator with Viaan and struggles with herself. Farah advices Ehsan to use this opportunity to outshine Viaan.

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