Katha Ankahee 1st March 2023 Written Update: Katha’s compliment makes Viaan happy


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The episode starts with Katha and Viaan are on their way back to home. Katha insists that she is willing to drive the car after noticing Viaan is facing problems. Viaan refuses. He then puts on the music. Katha smiles hearing the song and tells Viaan it’s her and Aditya’s favorite song. Viaan asks Katha where they all both travelled. Katha says not many places but they had so many dreams. She also tells how she wished to pose like a titanic couple in a cruise and they can’t able to afford all this so Aditya rented the car and made her fulfill her wish. Viaan opens the car’s roof top and encourages Katha to fulfill her wish again. Katha refuses. Viaan then asks her to do when she feels like. Katha sadly smiles. Viaan persuades her to fulfill her wish saying she won’t get the opportunity to do it also asks her to do it for Aditya’s sake and tells Katha to think there is no one around her. Katha agrees and comes out of the car through a roof top then opens her arms enjoys the wind. Katha requests Viaan to increase the speed of the car. Viaan obliges and increases the car speed. Katha asks him again and again to increase the speed of the car. Viaan does it. Katha takes Aditya’s name. Both Viaan and Katha gets shocked. Katha gets inside the car. Viaan decreases the music volume also closes the roof top silently. Viaan then suggests Katha that they can have a tea on their way. Katha agrees.

Here, Nirija and Falguniben waits for Aarav to come from his Karate class. Nirija gets shocked seeing her son’s are approaching her. Falguniben leaves somewhere. Both Varun and Rajat rudely talks to Nirija and accuses their parents for not giving them a good life. Nirija gets angry. Aarav watches this from far and approaches Nirija hurriedly. Nirija requests both her son’s to leave saying they can talk some other time. Varun taunts her then leaves with Rajat. Falguniben and Aarav arrives there. Aarav questions Nirija about her son’s. Nirija lies to him then distracts him saying they are leaving home as it’s late. Here, Viaan and Katha reaches a dhaba. They both gives their order. Katha looks distracted. Viaan notices the master adding more sugar on Katha’s tea so he asks her is she like Rabbdi. Katha says yes. Viaan tells her she will have Rabbdi in few minutes. Katha gets confused.

Katha drinks her tea and finds it more sweet so complains the same to the master in the dhaba. She then makes a joke about the tea with Viaan. Viaan requests the master to let him make tea. The latter agrees. Viaan teaches the master how to make tea. Katha smiles watching Viaan’s interaction with the master. Viaan serves the tea to Katha. Katha praises him and questions him as he is a coffee person but good at making tea. Viaan tells Teji likes tea. He then says then Adi must be good at making tea. Katha gets sad. Viaan apologises to her for upsetting her. Katha says it’s ok. She then tells him Aditya is perfect for her. She also tells how she was used to get scared about everything in her life before she met Aditya but after she got him, Aditya gave new meaning to live her life. She also talks about Aditya’s personality and how much they enjoyed their life together. Viaan smiles hearing it. Katha then tells Viaan that Aditya left everything for her eventhough he wanted to become like his father. Both of them lived their life happily and then… Katha gets teary eyed then leaves the place. Viaan gets sad seeing Katha’s state.

Precap: Reet learns Viaan is the one who she saw the other day with Katha at night in Bandra. Katha tells Viaan the other day when they went to meet Abdali she recognized the women. Viaan gets shocked. Reet meets Teji and asks her to make sure Viaan doesn’t get closer to Katha because Katha always destroys the person’s life whoever loves her. Teji looks on shocked.

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