Katha Ankahee 25th January 2022 Written Update: Kailash send expensive gifts for Aarav


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The episode starts with Nirija and Aarav enters the house but Aarav throws things in anger. Nirija asks him to calm down and asks him to act according to his age. Aarav tells Nirija that he always acted as a matured person but today he will definitely act like a kid. He then expresses his disappointment towards Nirija for once again Katha breaking the promises. Nirija says when a kid grows up their demands also increases accordingly. Aarav demands her phone which Nirija gives it to him. He calls Katha the latter realises that she forget and answers the video call and asks Aarav for his closed eyes. Aarav tells if he looks at her face then his anger will cool down seeing her cuteness. Katha pleads him to open his eyes saying she won’t show her face. Aarav opens his eyes. Katha shows him via video call her team members who are working tirelessly. She says to him just like her these employees sacrificing their time for their loved one’s. She informed her bosses that she only work in office house so asks his forgiveness saying her plan to have pizza in the evening. Aarav gets happy and agrees to accept Katha’s apology then leaves.

Jenny informs Katha that Ehsan wants to see her immediately so Katha goes to his cabin and gets surprised seeing Teji and Farah there. Teji introduces herself as Viaan’s mother and Farah as Ehsan’s mother. They both then requests Katha to become a face of their NGO because her story is inspiring. Katha refuses to accept the offer saying whatever she did is for her only. Farah and Teji tells her they understands and respects her decision. Ehsan tells he is hungry and suggests to go for a lunch together. Viaan makes an excuse then leaves. Farah and Teji remembers their unfinished work so leaves the place promising to meet Katha another day. During lunch Ehsan asks Katha how did she managed one crore. They didn’t received any calls from insurance company. Katha says that she always thought when the time arrives where she won’t be get questioned about all this eventhough her son get rid off cancer but the questions are following her. Ehsan says he understands what she is saying then diverts the topic about Katha’s choice of food and colour. Katha tells him she and Aarav loads Indian style Chinese food and her favorite color is red. Nivedita who watches this tells her near by employee that this isn’t fair that Katha is continuing her work here even after her lies get caught. The employee who hears it ask her to show some respect to Katha after all she struggled a lot because of her son’s cancer treatment. Nivedita makes faces.

Viaan gets surprised finding only single woman in the company achieved many things not those who have kids of their own. Teji comes to the room and requests a time to spend with Viaan. Viaan praises her handmade tea. Teji senses his guilt and questions him about it also asks him to not to hide his face to her. She then tells that because of Katha only he is in this state. Viaan lies it has nothing to do with Katha but Teji refuses to believe it. Teji asks Viaan to not to blame himself for failed to help Katha because she is sure if he have known the truth then he could have helped her. She further says even she opened NGO for single mother’s despite they knows Kavita and Katha is her widow daughter in law she failed to help Katha so she has to feel guilty right? Viaan tells Teji it’s because she doesn’t know about Katha neither she met her before unlike him whose under she worked him. She tried to tell him her situation but he ignored the signs then blames himself. Teji gets upset and asks Viaan to forgive himself first because it is like a cancer which can slowly kill him. Viaan asks his mother that it must be difficult for her to raise him as a single mother right? Teji smiles and tells him nothing like that because for a mother her kid is her world so she would do anything for them. Viaan puts his head on Teji’s lap and gets emotional.

The next day Katha helps Aarav get ready for the school. Aarav looks excited to go to school. Falguniben arrives there with tepla in the tiffin box she carries with her saying it’s Aarav’s favorite food so he has to take this with him but Nirija tells she made spiral pasta for Aarav so Aarav has to take the food made by her with him. Aarav takes both the boxes saying he is hungry all the time so he will take it both with him which makes both Falguniben and Nirija happy. Kavita arrives there with gifts. Aarav and Katha gets happy seeing her. Kavita says to Aarav that Kailash sent him these gifts also gives tab as a part of gift. Katha takes the tab from Aarav’s hand and sends him inside the room. Nirija makes an excuse and leaves the place. Katha says to Kavita that she can’t afford such expensive gifts neither entertain Aarav with such thoughts also requests to talk to Kailash. Kavita calls Kailash. Katha thanks Kailash for sending gifts to Aarav but Aarav needs his family by his side. Aarav misses his father and all he have is her Falguniben Nirija and Kavita but not a male figure around him so as a father of Aarav’s father when he gets time asks to spend it with Aarav and that’s the best gift Aarav gets. Kailash gets emotional hearing it and blesses Katha. Reet who enters the room hears the conversation then leaves the place silently. Kailash cries hard. Later Katha jokes at Ehsan to not to wear red shirt when the latter asks her opinion. Viaan arrives there and informs the team about his decision to promote two employees who are mother’s but done a tremendous job for their company despite their personal life struggles. Katha gets shocked and emotional hearing his words and stares ahead with a smile on her face.

Precap: Ehsan says to Viaan the employees are gossiping that the latter is doing an undue amount of favors for Katha. Katha gets shocked when Ehsan reveals Viaan’s hatred for women and he not even dated anyone. Viaan asks Ehsan is he also thinks that he did a wrong thing by making that announcement. Ehsan says he done it a wrong way. He then demands an answer from both Viaan and Katha about what actually happened between them. Katha and Viaan looks on helplessly.

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