Katha Ankahee 28th February 2023 Written Update: Viaan spends a night outside to make Katha feel comfortable


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The episode starts with Viaan receives a call from his friend Vinayak and tells him that he is in a dhaba. He and his colleague is stuck so asks his help to use his farm house for a night. He tells Katha there is only one room available. Katha agrees to stay there. Viaan gets relieved learning his friend is sending his caretaker. He informs the same to Katha. He also inquires Katha is she is comfortable with an arrangement. Katha says they have no other option left. Ehsan calls Katha but it goes to voice mail. He gets worried. Jeetu bhai questions Ehsan for staying in office for at this late hours. Ehsan lies he feels pressurised by the client’s demand so he is waiting for Katha and Viaan to submit the ideas. Jeetu bhai informs Katha sends the designs already and informs that both Katha and Viaan learned about the client’s demand and once again Katha turned the impossible into possible. He further praises Katha’s talent. Ehsan agrees with Jeetu bhai also makes a joke about them troubling Katha. Jeetu bhai advices Ehsan to go home. Ehsan makes an excuse to stay in the office. Jeetu bhai leaves.

Farah calls Ehsan and inquires how is his dinner date with Katha. Ehsan tells Katha that Katha and Viaan stuck together. They are the one who spending time together now. He then suggests Farah to go on a date with him. Farah agrees. Here Viaan tells Katha that he will stay somewhere else and asks her to stay in that room. Katha obliges and goes inside. Katha enters the room. She gets happy receiving a call from Aarav. Due to network issues she fails to have a proper conversation with Aarav and Nirija. Other side Ehsan meets Teji and persuades her to have dinner with him and Farah but Teji expresses her worry for Viaan who isn’t returned home yet also his number is not reachable. Ehsan also tells even he is worried about Viaan. Teji questions Ehsan why he didn’t went with Viaan. She also expresses her dislikes towards Katha. Ehsan gets shocked so inquires Teji for her sudden dislike for Katha as she used to praise Katha a lot. Teji tells Ehsan that Katha changed the AV of Earthcon’s 50th anniversary celebration at last minute when she confronted about Katha Viaan shouted at her. Ehsan gets shocked and asks Teji is this the reason she left the party earlier. Teji says yes and tells that she don’t want to see Katha with Viaan. Ehsan tells her even he wants the same then distracts her saying they both together can stop Katha and Viaan getting close together. Teji gets happy and goes to get ready for the dinner. Ehsan calls the Dubai hotel manager and preys information about Katha and Viaan’s stay there. Syed refuses but Ehsan manipulates the former with his lies so Syed agrees to call him the next day for the information. Ehsan obliges.

The next day Katha learns through the caretaker of the farm house Viaan stayed out the entire night. She gets shocked finding him outside sleeping. She wakes him up and questions him. Viaan makes an excuse then says they can leave now as they are getting late. Katha looks on confused. In Garewal’s house Kailash tells Yuvraj about his plans then says they cam spend the afternoon together to discuss about the renovation but Yuvraj makes an excuse. Kailash gets upset but hides it from him. Kavita informs Reet that Katha is in Lonavola for a worktrip so both her and Kailash is attending Aarav’s school grandparent’s day function then leaves. Reet wonders about Katha’s Lonavola trip. Ehsan learns through Syed both Katha and Viaan left the hotel too early. He recalls both Katha and Viaan refuses to talk to him about it and wonders the reason behind them left early the hotel. He also realises both of them hiding something from him. He decides to find out what happened between them in Dubai.

Precap: Katha complains to the owner about the tea which served to her. Viaan makes tea for her. Katha praises him. On their way to home Katha asks Viaan to accelerate the car speed limit and enjoys the wind. She then takes Aditya’s name shocking both herself and Viaan.

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