Katha Ankahee 3rd March 2023 Written Update: Teji apologises to Viaan for her behavior


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The episode starts with Viaan asks Katha how did she managed everything alone. Katha says she didn’t understand. Viaan asks how she managed about Aarav’s treatment alone. Katha tells it’s not easy but there is no chance of giving up. She then talks about the people who have been there throughout this journey. She talks about Nirija who is a stranger donated bone marrow but now become family. Viaan calls her a blessed one. Katha says one should never give up on creating relationships or finding love. Viaan smiles looking at her. Katha receives a call from Ehsan. Ehsan asks her where she and Viaan are and why they aren’t answering the calls. He further tells her atleast she should have dropped a message. Katha greets Ehsan as Ehsan sir and tells him she and Viaan were stuck in a poor network area. She also tells him after she received a network connection she did informed her family and whom she wants to inform other than them. Ehsan becomes speechless then apologises to Katha. He then says that he was worried about her. Katha apologises to him for behaving rudely and tells she will meet him the next day. She then looks upset. Viaan asks Katha what happened. Katha says that Ehsan was worried about them. Viaan looks on.

In Garewal’s house Kavita questions Reet for visiting Teji. Reet says she met her to take her guidance about nursery. She also adds that Teji taunted her. Kavita gets confused and asks her why. Reet asks Kavita that Teji knows Katha is their relative right? And says Teji’s son Viaan is Katha’s boss whom Katha went with Lonavola. She further says nowadays Katha is growing too much closer with Viaan though. She then says she is willing to help her what’s happening between Katha and Viaan if Kavita wants to. Kavita tells her it’s not necessary then asks her to concentrate on her unborn child as her due date is nearing also advices her not to stress herself much. Here Viaan sees Katha fell asleep. He then saw her about to fall from her seat but he prevents it without waking her up. They both reaches Katha’s residence. He sees Katha is asleep so wakes her up using his car’s horon. Katha wakes up and thanks Viaan then leaves saying she will meet him the next day office. Viaan smiles.

Later at night Viaan recalls the day Katha asked money hiding Aarav’s treatment and how he put forth a condition. He starts writing a poetry in which he talks about his bond with Katha from the beginning from now. He then goes to bed but recalls Katha’s words about Love is simple one then falls asleep. On the other side Katha plays dumb charades with Aarav but fails to find out the film name even after Aarav gives tips. He then goes and plays with Nirija. Katha recalls her conversation with Viaan and smiles. She then sees Aditya’s photos on the wall and gets shocked and sad. The next day Teji reads Viaan’s poetry for Katha while he was asleep and gets upset. Viaan wakes up and agrees to meet her for breakfast. Later in the dining table Teji inquires Viaan about his trip and massages his scalp. She also apologises to Viaan for her behavior then forgives Viaan for his behavior towards her. They both then discuss about holi arrangements. Teji then gives Viaan a box saying it’s a patch up gift. Viaan finds the box full of girls photos and tells Teji to not to start again. Teji tells him she is in his team and rejected these girls. Viaan gets surprised and asks her the reason. Teji tells they are architect’s. Viaan gets confused and tells even he is an architect. Teji tells him he is a boss of an architect firm and here they are searching for his life partner not an employee. Viaan looks at her shockingly. Teji smiles at him.

Precap: Aarav tells Katha that the day before two men rudely behaved with Nirija outside his Karate class. In the office Ehsan questions Viaan for not contacting him neither informing him for his situation. Viaan tells him there’s no network connection. Katha arrives at the office and looks at both Viaan and Ehsan confusedly. One of the women praises Teji’s arrangements for the holi party. Viaan advices Ehsan love, friendship and relationship with one another is how much important by telling him a story. Ehsan looks on.

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