Katha Ankahee 6th January 2022 Written Update: Viaan’s Dubai plan upsets Katha


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The episode starts with Katha excuses herself and tries to leave but Viaan asks her where she is going. Katha says she is going to restroom and taunts him to ask permission from Jenny. Viaan let’s her go. Other side Kavita comes to meet Aarav and the latter gets happy. Aarav requests Kavita to call Katha and asks her to return soon. Meanwhile Falguniben informs Nirija that Kavita is Katha’s mother in law. Kavita decides to call Katha but both Falguniben and Nirija asks her not to because Katha is busy in her office works. Aarav gets upset hearing it and complains Kavita that this is his special day and Katha promised to return earlier but she didn’t come yet but he wants to see her immediately. Kavita becomes helpless and tries to calm him down but fails. Aarav coughs badly which makes Kavita Falguniben and Nirija to worry. Falguniben calls out the doctor and nurse to treat Aarav. Kavita gets more worried and tries to calm down Aarav. Nurse goes to put oxygen mask around Aarav. Dr.Amit arrives there and asks what happened also rushes to Aarav. Kavita asks Dr.Amit what happened to Aarav why his health is deteriorating like this. Dr.Amit asks her to calm down and says the nurse to take all three women outside the room as he needs to check up Aarav and assures Kavita that Aarav will be fine.

Katha calls Falguniben repeatedly and gets worried when her call goes unanswered. In the hospital while Dr.Amit is treating Aarav, outside Kavita worries about Aarav’s health and demands Falguniben to call Katha immediately as she wants to know is she told her the truth that Aarav is recovered fully. If that’s the case then why Aarav’s health decorating now. Nirija asks Kavita to calm down and says she is growing anxious which isn’t right. She further praises Katha for being a strong woman also advices Kavita to be the same like Katha. Katha wonders why Falguniben isn’t answering the calls. Viaan excuses himself and comes out. He sees Katha’s restless behavior from her behind and thinks himself he is sure that Katha is hiding something and gets determined to find what it is.

Dr.Amit tells Kavita that Aarav get an anxious attack just like her. He further adds that Aarav is indeed weak by the back to back chemotherapy and surgery so it’s completely normal for him to get anxious attack. He then says that Aarav needs comfort so asks all three women to not to show Aarav their worries instead distracts him and make him happy. He then leaves asking them to not to tell Katha about this as he will explain to her personally then leaves. Viaan approaches Katha. Falguniben tells Kavita and Nirija that Katha is continously calling her. Nirija asks her to answer it so Falguniben answers and tells her that Aarav fell asleep also hides Katha from Aarav’s anxious attack. Katha gets upset but assures to return as soon as possible then turns around and gets shocked seeing Viaan there. Viaan also gets shocked but asks her the direction of men’s wash room which Katha shows him.

In the hospital Kavita gets continuous calls from Kailash so Nirija asks Kavita to return home and assures to take care of Aarav. Later while having dinner Ehsan announces Katha as a project head for their Rajasthan project and tells her about them to visit Jaipur in three days. Katha recalls Dr.Amit’s advice and gets worried. Viaan tells that he and Katha has to go to Dubai for their project in three days shocking Katha. Their client says they can postpone it for Katha then leaves after appreciating Katha Viaan and Ehsan. Katha suggests to have a video conference with Abdali but Viaan denies it and says she is the project head so her presence is must and they are going to spend one day and one night together that’s it. Katha recalls Viaan’s demand to give her one crore and gets furious. She expresses her displeasure of his decision to go to Dubai then leaves the place.

Ehsan tells Viaan that he isn’t aware about this meeting. Viaan tells him that he forget to tell him about this and questions is he thinks that he will lie to him? Ehsan says no he is just asking. Kailash expresses his hatred for Katha to Kavita but the latter tries to make him understand Katha’s perspective but Kailash refuses to listen to her. He then warns Kavita to not to meet Aarav or Katha again if she goes against his wish then asks her to not to return home. Kavita gets hurt and says to herself that Kailash acted like a typical husband.

Katha comes to Aarav’s room in the hospital and gets sad seeing him asleep. Aarav wakes up and tells her he isn’t sleeping. He then asks her to give his surprise and tells her what Nirija told him. Katha becomes helpless which Aarav senses it and says that her presence is what he wanted the most on his special day which she gave it to him. He further tells her he have a surprise for her and shows her a monkey soft toy and asks to play with it or hug after he is busy with his studies and practices in the future. Other side Viaan returns home and finds his mother waiting for him. His mother advices him to focus on his personal life too and find a partner for him also advices not to choose a gold digger for him. Viaan gets furious and shouts at his mother is she thinks that he is like his father. His mother gets shocked and upset and goes to her room. Viaan regrets his actions and says that he indeed act like his father and made a mistake which he wants to rectify it but don’t know how and closes his eyes frustratedly.

Precap: In Dubai, Abdali praises Katha then says this meeting should have happened via video call too but he appreciates Viaan’s effort to meet them directly which shocks Katha. Later Viaan asks Katha to spend one more night with him and offers her two crores which angers Katha.

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