Katha Ankahee Upcoming Story: Shamita’s accusation shocks Viaan!


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Aditi Sharma and Adnan Khan starrer Katha Ankahee is a newly launched Sony Tv show. This show is about how a widow also a single mother Katha doing multiple works to earn money for her Son Aarav’s medical treatment who is diagnosed by a blood cancer and a business man Viaan who thinks women are with men for their money.

Now that Katha and Viaan secures the Lonavola project so it will be interesting to watch that what’s going to happen in the future episodes.

In the current track it shown that Viaan assures Jeetu bhai about his decision to let Shamita rejoin Earthcon as she regrets her actions. Jeetu bhai suspects Shamita’s intention but agrees to do the needful.

Ehsan teases Viaan for his change in behavior. Viaan and Katha meets the board members of Lonavola project and present their ideas which leads them to secure the deal. Aarav (Batman) advises Viaan to not to mess up anything in his dinner date with his special friend.

Viaan instructs the restaurant to keep the arrangements be simple and normal. Katha advices Meera about her chances of getting hurt with her relationship with a married man by telling her the possibilities of the outcome. Meera gets hurt and stares ahead.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Katha will call Viaan to ask whether they can leave for their dinner. Viaan will say to her he will finish his work in ten minutes after that they can leave. Katha will oblige.

Later Viaan will enter his cabin. Shamita will shout at Viaan asking how dare he talk to her this way? Viaan will looks at her clueless. Shamita will say that she won’t spare Viaan and leaves the latter’s office.

A confused Viaan will follow her. Shamita will say infront of everyone that Viaan asked her to spend a night with him by offering some money. Katha and the other employees will get shocked. Viaan will get furious.

What will happen next? Will Viaan prove his innocence?

Will Shamita’s accusation will affect Katha and Viaan’s bond?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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