Katha Ankahee Upcoming Story: Viaan to break company protocols to accept Katha’s resignation!


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Aditi Sharma and Adnan Khan starrer Katha Ankahee is a newly launched Sony Tv show. This show is about how a widow also a single mother Katha doing multiple works to earn money for her Son Aarav’s medical treatment who is diagnosed by a blood cancer and a business man Viaan who thinks women are after a men for their money.

Now that Viaan regrets after learning Katha’s struggles after learning the truth and seeks her forgiveness but Katha refuses to accept Viaan’s apology so it will be interesting to watch that what going to happen in the future episodes.

In the current track it shown that both Teji and Farah gets surprised their son’s aren’t aware about Katha’s personal life meanwhile Viaan leaves the room. He recalls his actions towards Katha. He feels ashamed for becoming worse than his own father who left them when he was young.

Ehsan tries to contact Katha. Viaan goes to Katha’s society where he spots her and pleads her to forgive him. First Katha gets confused seeing Viaan’s state but Viaan’s confession about him learned about her personal life stuns Katha.

Later Katha shouts at him for the way he behaved with her also put her in a helpless situation. She knows she isn’t wrong so she isn’t feeling guilty but for an outsider both of them are wrong.

She is guilt free because she has done all this for her Son and questions Viaan for what reason he put her in that situation. She future asks Viaan to never forgive himself then leaves. Aarav pacifies a worried Katha which brings a smile on the latter’s face.

The next day Katha gets happy when SNP builders agrees to give her a job while Viaan decides to break company’s protocols to approve Katha’s resignation.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that the Principal will say to Katha how can they accept Aarav’s admission request who only went to play school. Meanwhile Ehsan will ask Viaan to not to drown himself in guilt and asks him whether Katha asked his help to arrange the one crore then.

Viaan will remain silent. Reet will question Kavita how did Katha managed such huge amount for Aarav’s treatment. Later Viaan will meet Katha and request her to give him one last chance to rectify his mistakes. Katha will look on.

Will Katha forgive Viaan? Will Viaan be able to convince Katha to give him one last chance to rectify his mistakes?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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