Kavya 10th July 2024 Written Update: Anubha incites Adi against Kavya

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The episode starts with Kavya learning from Saxena that Shubh is injured. Kavya sees in the news that nearly 10 people died due to fake medicines in Babuwa village and Shubh Thakur is injured when he came here to help the people. Adi seeing it goes to make a call. Kavya leaves for the hospital.

Kavya comes to the hospital and sees the dead bodies in the hospital. Kavya cries to herself. Saxena offers water to Kavya. Kavya says to Saxena that she could have stopped all of this but she failed in doing it. Saxena asks Kavya not to blame herself. Kavya comments on it.

Kavya hears the villagers shouting slogans against Kavya. Kavya comes to the villagers and says to one of the villagers that she is right and says Kavya is not able to do anything. Kavya shouts slogans against herself. The villagers and reporters see Kavya like this and get stunned.

Anubha learns after getting a call that Shubh is admitted in a hospital.

Kavya comes to Shubh to meet him. Kavya apologises to Shubh for sending him there. Shubh apologises to Kavya as he wasn’t able to do the work that he gave her. Kavya blames herself for the death of patients in Babuwa village hospital. Shubh puts his hand over Kavya to comfort her. Adi and Anubha witness this from afar. Shubh says to Kavya that he is always there for her. Adi hearing it leaves from there. Anubha goes after Adi.

Kavya asks Shubh to maintain distance from her and says she only came here to check on him. Kavya later leaves from there.

Anubha comments on Shubh and Kavya coming together. Adi punches the wall in anger. Anubha sees Adi’s hand is injured.

Giriraj comes to Seema and says to Seema that he doesn’t want anything to do with these 10 deaths. Seema says to Giriraj that he can’t back down once getting into this swamp and comments on it. Seema leaves from there. Giriraj comments on Seema.

Anubha dresses Adi’s wound and says to Adi that just because he is injuring himself doesn’t mean his anger will go away. Anubha says to Adi that he needs to admit that he can’t see Shubh and Kavya getting together. Anubha says to Adi that she has already been in his place before and comments on it. Anubha later invites Adi to drink coffee with her as a friend. Adi agrees.

Adi returns home and sees Kavya and comments on Kavya. Kavya asks Adi and asks Adi how did he get injured. Adi says to Kavya that there is no need for her to be troubled with this wound and says there is already someone who dressed this wound. Adi asks Kavya how is Shubh. Kavya asks Adi why is he asking her about Shubh. Adi comments on Shubh as he dares to lay his hand over her head to comfort her.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Kavya vows to expose Seema. Kavya and Shubh go on disguise to the hospital..

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