Kavya Ek Jazbaa Ek Junoon 15th December 2023 Written Update: Adi fails to locate Kavya

Kavya Ek Jazbaa Ek Junoon 15th December 2023 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Kavya checking that the temperature is dropping rapidly and worries about it.

Adi talks with Mayank over the phone. Mayank asks Adi if he found Kavya. Adi says they are searching for her and asks Mayank not to tell his parents about Kavya. Anjali overhears their conversation. Anjali asks Mayank who is he talking to over the phone. Mayank says no one takes his phone and leaves from there.

Adi and Amanpreet come to Godown along with the cops. Adi shouts for Kavya. Kavya fights the chilling temperature. Adi shouts for Kavya.

Kavya recalls she once said to Mayank that they need to cover their legs and Head to make sure the heat out of their body doesn’t go out.

Adi searches for Kavya along with everyone. Adi finds the cold storage and thinks why is the temperature dropping this rapidly.

Kavya wraps her hands, feet, and head with what she can get in the cold storage room. Amanpreet asks Adi what is he looking at. Adi says this is cold storage and says it might not be working as the temperature is dropping really rapidly.

The inspector calls Amanpreet and says they haven’t found anywhere in this 5km radius. Adi asks The inspector to find Kavya no matter what.

Kavya hallucinates about Adi coming to the cold storage and talks to him. Adi worries about Kavya.

Omi comes to Giriraj and says to Giriraj that Adi will not come as he went after Kavya. Omi says to Giriraj that no matter what happens Adi will only choose Kavya over him. Omi asks Giriraj why doesn’t he give him a chance. Giriraj reminds that he has been taking Omi everywhere and hoping that he will learn something but until today he hasn’t learnt anything. Giriraj reminds Omi that what he did in Basant Kheri 14 years ago destroyed his future and they are facing its consequences till today.

Kavya hears Adi shouting for her. The inspector says they haven’t found anything. Adi says Kavya is here.

Kavya dreams of Adi asking her not to give up. Kavya comes to the door and calls for help. Adi shouts for Kavya. Kavya hears Adi’s voice.

Anjali asks Mayank to drink milk and talks about Kavya. Mayank hugs Anjali and says to Anjali that Kavya has gone missing. Anjali asks Mayank why did he hide this and tell her before.

Kavya hearing Adi’s voice tries to hint Adi that she is in the cold storage. Amanpreet says to Adi that Kavya isn’t here and says they should wait for Kavya in the office.

Kavya makes a love symbol and sends it outside through the gap in the ground and the door. Adi doesn’t see the love symbol.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Adi comes from the cold storage room door. The love symbol also flies and falls at Adi’s feet. Adi picks it up. Kavya loses consciousness in the cold storage.

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