Khatron Ke Khiladi 12 10th September 2022 Written Update: What? These two strong contestant out of the ticker to finale race!


Khatron Ke Khiladi 12 10th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rohit announcing that it’s the ticket to finale week. The contestants gets excited over it. Rohit says that the two worst performers of the day will be out of ticket to finale race. He announces the first dynamic stunt for the day. The contestant will be present on the moving truck and a net will be hanging from behind. The contestant must climb down they net and get the flag from the net. After climbing down the contestant must jump to a bear by car which will be running parallel to the truck. After jumping on the car the contestant must collect the flag from the car. After collecting the flag the contestant must jump to a nearby second car parallel to the first car. The contestant must jump on that car too and collect the flag.

Same goes for the third car. Once the contestant reaches the fourth car they must collect the flag and should climb the ladder connecting the car and a truck. A flag will be present on the ladder too. After collecting the flag the contestant must fine it to Rohit present on the top of the truck and the stunt gets completed. Nishant and Faisu are chosen for the stunt. First Nishant performs the stunt and completes it in 2 minutes and 54 seconds. Faisu also performs the stunt and completes it in 1 minute and 41 seconds. Faisu gets closer to ticket while Nishant has to perform another stunt as another last chance to continue to be in the race.

Rohit have fun with Rajeev making him sit on the bumper of the car while driving it. The contestants have fun while they fight for who wins the ticket. They play a fun stunt with Rohit where the contestant do a stunt on while Rohit tries to predict what they are doing. The other contestants must make Rohit find what it is. First Rajeev had snake on his neck and Faisu makes Rohit find it. Next Nishant gets shock while Rohit predicts it. Rohit announces the next partner stunt for the ticket race. One contestant will be seated on the chair with a rod on their hand. A fencing with four keys will be present. The contestant must use the rod to get the keys. After getting the keys the contestant must unlock the cage which has their partner locked in it. There will be roaches all over the body on the contestant who’s locked in the cage. The fencing which has keys will have current passing through it.

The partners for the stunt are Rajeev and Kanika, Jannat and Tushar, Mohit and Rubina. Since Rubina’s health is bad Rohit asks for proxy from one among Nishant and Faisu as the others were participating ij the stunt. Both refused to do proxy for Rubina and she gets out of the ticket to finale race. Rohit says that Mohit will alone perform the stunt and will unlock the empty cage and his time limit will be considered to predict whether he’s winner or not. First Tushar and Jannat performs the stunt with Jannat in the cage and Tushar taking the keys. Tushar and Jannat successfully completes the stunt in 10 minutes and 19 seconds. Next Kanika and Rajeev performs the stunt with Rajeev in the cage and Kanika taking the keys. Kanika and Rajeev complete the stunt in 15 minutes and 43 seconds. Mohit aborts the stunts. It’s Nishant and Mohit’s last chance and one of them would get out of the ticket to finale race as Rubina is already out of the race.

Rohit asks Rajeev to predict who’ll be out of the race. Rajeev plays a card prediction game with Rajeev. He predicts Nishant to be the winner. Rohit announces the stunt for Mohit and Nishant. A box with two segments will be present on water. The contestant will be present in one segment and two boxes will be present with each box on each segment. The contestant must open the box and take the cutter. Both the segments are separated by a small net opening. The contestant must use the cutter to cut the nee and should reach the other segment of the box. After reaching the segment the contestant must take the second cutter from the second box and use it to cut the net to come out of the box. The box will slowly starts immersing in water as the stunt starts. The contestant who completes it in minimal time will be the winner. Mohit performs the stunt but aborts it. Nishant takes lots of time but still completes it. Mohit and Rubina gets out of the ticket to finale race.

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