Khatron Ke Khiladi 12 13th August 2022 Written Update: K medal week can’t get any more better.


Khatron Ke Khiladi 12 13th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rohit introducing Pratik as the wild card contestant of the season. He says that this week there wouldn’t any fear funda or elimination. However he says that this week they would get K medal that could be a much bigger help for them to reach finals. An av is shown where the previous season K medal and title winner Arjun Bijlani explains the importance of the k medal. C
Rohit announces the first stunt of the season for the contestants. He says that in the previous season a very much eligible finalist Tejasswi was forced to go back home due to the stunt and many other contestants aborted the stunt. However there’s a twist this season as the stunt will be now a partner stunt.

Two partners, one will swim and collect the 10 flags outside the vaccum connected to a rope and gives it to their another partner. The another partner must hook it entering the vaccum tube. Once the contestant couldn’t take it anymore they can give abort signal and the vaccum will be pulled up. The contestant will get flushed under water to complete the stunt.

The partners for the stunt are Faisu and Kanika, Tushar and Sriti and Jannat and Rajeev. First Faisu and Kanika performs the stunt where Faisu collects the flags while Kanika entered the vaccum. Kanika stuck 8 flags before aborting and completed the stunt in 4 minutes and 17 seconds. Next Tushar and Sriti performs the stunt where Sriti collected the flag and Tushar entered the vaccum.

They also collected equal number of flags and completes the stunt in 3 minutes and 6 seconds. Finally Rajeev and Jannat performs the stunt where Jannat collects the flags while Rajeev entered the vaccum. He couldn’t hold it and didn’t hook any flag and aborted the stunt. Tushar and Sriti becomes the winner and a twist arrives when they get Power locket that could help them participate in k medal stunts.

Rohit performs a fun stunt with Kanika. He announces the next stunt for the day. A platform much high will have 10 flags hooked at its end. The contestant must pick the flag one by one and come back to stick it in the mirror wall. The twist is that the mirror wall is a moving wall and it’s speed increases with the flag count getting increased.

Once they reach the end the mirror wall will itself push the contestant down to complete the stunt. Pratik and Nishant were chosen for the stunt. Nishant performs the stunt first and collects 8 flags and completes the stunt in 2 minutes and 58 seconds. Next Pratik performs the stunt and completes it in 2 minutes and 58 seconds. Nishant gets the power locket.

Rajeev performs a fun stunt followed by Rohit saying that the next stunt will be performed by Rubina and Mohit. Rohit will start explaining the stunt to the contestants. He shows a glass box and the box will be filled with lots of catfishes. The contestant will have to enter the box and must reach a rope present inside the water. A cutter will be attached to the rope. The contestant must unhook the cutter and must use it to cut the ropes. A narrow passage will form once its done and the contestant must swim through the path to reach the other end.

A disc will be shown and the contestant must pull the disc to the top and hook it on top and drink the soda to complete the stunt. Rubina first performs the stunt but couldn’t complete it due to the extreme disturbance of catfish. Next Mohit performs the stunt. He completes it successfully in 6 minutes and 18 seconds and gets the power locket. Mohit is the winner of the most charged stunt of the season. Rohit asks Rubina to kiss the Adida bird while Everyone leaves.

Precap : Sriti and Nishant will perform a partner stunt where Sriti will be locked in a box with creepy crawlies while Nishant have to get the keys using his mouth from a box filled with scorpions. Nishant will get bitten by scorpions. Sriti Jha will show off her talent impressing everyone. Rubina will be asked to kiss a lizard.

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