Khatron Ke Khiladi 12 16th July 2022 Written Update: What? Contestants endure extreme level tortures?


Khatron Ke Khiladi 12 16th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rohit announcing to contestants that they are going to endure next level torture to even participate in the stunt shocking the contestants. He says the contestants who win the stunts will have something special for them. He says that all the contestants must endure torture stunt and only three among them who performed best will perform the stunt.

The first torture stunt is the contestants will be tied upside down above water and the contestants will be dropped and lifted up continuously from water. In case if the contestant couldn’t endure the torture they could detach themselves from the rope by releasing the rope. The final three contestants who stays till the end will be declared the winner. All the contestants performed the torture stunt but only Shivangi Jannat, Chetana lasted till the end. They gets selected for the stunt.

The first stunt for Jannat, Shivangi and Chetana should be performed separately without the other persons seeing it. The stunt is that three boxes with three phones will be kept. The first box will be filled with cockroaches and the contestant must pull apart the roaches to find the pass code to unlock the first phone. Once they unlock the first phoneless their phone will be kept on a moving belt and will move slowly towards the smasher.

 In the second box crabs will be present inside water and the contestants must move their head inside the box to find the code and unlock the second phone. The same way in the third box worms will be present and the contestants must move their head to find the code and unlock the third phone. The contestants must unlock the second and third phone before their phone reaches the smasher.

Shivangi performed the stunt first and managed to unlock only one phone and her phone gets smashed. Jannat managed to find all the three codes but she couldn’t unlock the third one and so she loses her phone. Finally Chetana perforns the stunt and again managed to unlock only one phone and loses her phone. Jannat becomes the winner and the other two gets fear funda.

Rohit announces that there are two tents and the winners will stay in luxurious tent and the others would stay in the atyachaar tent with no facility. They also must serve the contestants in the luxurious tent. Jannat orders around Mohit and Rubina making use of the opportunity.

Next torture stunt for the contestants are they must eat raw sea foods and the vegetarians must eat terrible vegetables and the three who eats in large amount will be declared the winner. Faisu backs off saying that he is allergic to seafood and so he goes straight away to elimination stunt. The others perform the stunt and Tushar, Rubina and Pratik emerge out as the winner.

 Their stunt is a partner stunt and the contestants get to choose their partner in order. Tushar who ate the most gets first chance and he chooses Mohit. Next Rubina who is second chooses Nishant and Pratik chooses Rajeev.

Rohit announces the stunt for the contestants. Three boards two with 10 keys each and one with 6 locks with 3 on either side is shown. Current passes through all the board. Both the partners will be tied with a bungee rope on the two sides of the middle board with locks.

The contestant must remove the keys bearing the current and unlocks the three locks on their side. In the same way the other contestants must pick the key on their side and must unlock the three locks on the other side. Once they unlock all the six locks they must go to the end of the middle board where a blade is present.

 The contestant must cut their bungee using the blade to complete the stunt. First, Tushar and Mohit performs the stunt and completes it in 26 minutes and 41 Devi. Next Rubina and Nishant perforns the stunt and completes it in 19 minutes and 40 seconds. Rajeev aborts the stunt and so both Rajeev and Pratik gets fear funda.

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