Khatron Ke Khiladi 12 2nd July 2022 Written Update: Head-on stunts posed a great challenge for the contestants.


Khatron Ke Khiladi 12 2nd July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rohit introducing seven contestants Pratik Sehajpal, Sriti Jha, Jannat Zubair Rahmani, Rajeev Adatia, Mohit Malik, Aneri Vajani and Nishant Bhat. He says that more contestants would soon join them and explains them about Cape Town. He teases the contestants and calls Sriti for fun task. She’s made to walk on a rope from one end to another and also Sriti performs another fun stunt where a python is wrapped around her neck and is made to walk on the rope from one end to another. Rohit asks Pratik and Nishant about their friendship bond.

Rohit announces the first stunt of the season and its a head on stunt. He says that the one contestant is Sriti Jha and her opponent contestant is introduced as Rubina Dilak. Rohit explains the stunt. The two contestants will be tied high on a bed above the ground level and the contestants must unlock themselves from the knot and collect the four flags above their bed and two flags below the bed. The bed will be hanging from the chopper. Below the bed will be two ladders for two contestants with flags and the contestants must climb down the ladder and collect the flags and must jump into the water to complete the stunt. Sriti must collect yellow flags and Rubina Dilak must collect red flags. They both starts performing the stunt. They both complete the stunt successfully. Rubina completes it first and becomes tye winner while Sriti Jha gets the fear funda.

The second pair to participate in the stunt are Pratik Sehajpal and Tushar Kalia is introduced as his competitor. Pratik must collect red flags and Tushar must collect yellow flags. They both perform the stunt and they both successfully completed the stunt. Everyone thinks Tushar has won as he jumped in water first but Rohit announces that Pratik is the winner. He explains that Tushar failed to hook the last flag before jumping and instead held it in his hand. So Pratik becomes the winner while Tushar gets fear funda.

The third pair to perform the stunt are Jannat Zubair and Rahmani and Faisal Sheikh is introduced as her competitor. They both are made to make a reel. The fourth head on stunt pair are Mohit and Malik and his competitor is introduced as Shivangi Joshi. Rohit announces the stunt for the third and fourth pair. A cruise is present and two ropes will be tied to the rope. The contestant must swim underwater using a rope path and must pluck flags present under the water. The contestant must come out of the water only to hook the plucked flag and must again dive into the water. If the contestant is in need of oxygen they must swim towards the rope and take a breath and resume the stunt. Jannat and Faisal performs the stunt first. They both complete the stunt. Faisal completes the stunt first and becomes the winner while Jannat gets fear funda.

Shivangi Joshi and Mohit Malik performs the stunt after Jannat and Faisal. They both starts performing the stunt. They both struggle a lot to perform the stunt. Mohit fails to complete the stunt as he loses his one flag. Shivangi Joshi completes the stunt and Mohit gets fear funda. Rohit made Rajeev perform a fun act threatening him with his mobile phone.

Rohit announces the fifth pair for the next head on stunt. One is Aneri and the other one is introduced as Kanika Mann. Rohit announces the stunt for them. The contestants will be seated on two seats each and their head will be wrapped inside a glass bubble. Roaches and worms will be poured into the bubble. Two boxes will be present with one box filled with rats and the other box empty. First time in the history of kkk, the stunt will be based on general knowledge. For each question the answer would be in numeric and the contestant must pick the rats from one box and drop it in another box based on their answers. (if five is the answer five rats must be dropped inside the box). Aneri and Kanika performed the stunt and successfully completed it. They both answered only one question right but Kanika transferred the rats in the minimum amount of time compared to Aneri and becomes the winner. Aneri gets fear funda.

The sixth pair for the above head on stunt are Rajeev Adatia and Chetana is introduced as his competitor. They both perforns the stunt and successfully completes it. Both Rajeev and Chetana answered equal number of questions right but Rajeev wins as per time duration and Chetana gets fear funda.

The seventh pair for the next head on dynamic stunt are Nishant and Erica Packard is introduced as his competitor. Rohit explains the stunt to the contestant. A SUV will be moving with its both ends at the back connected to 10 tires at each end. One contestant must stay on the 10th tire on one end and the other contestant must stay on the another 10th tire on the other end. As per Rohit says that contestant must jump from one tyre to the other and unlock the tyre they jumped from. The process must be repeated till the contestant reaches the first tire.

Later, the contestant must jump on the platform on the SUV and must unlock the complete thread of tires of their opponent contestant making them lose the stunt. In case if the contestants fall off the tyres they must resume jumping back on the tyre. Nishant and Erica performed the stunt but Erica fell off tyre in the middle. Before she could catch up with Nishant Nishant boarded the platform and unhooked Erica’s tyres from the SUV completing the stunt successfully. Erica gets fear funda.