Krishna Mohini 21st June 2024 Written Update: Aryaman misses Krishna

Krishna Mohini 21st June 2024 Written Update on

Episode begins with Krishna gets a job in the shop. She asks advance from shop owner. Shop owner asks her to keep him happy if she wants advance then. She gets angry hearing this. She scolds him and leaves from there. She tries to get a job. She asks Lord Krishna to help her. She decides to sit in the temple for few minutes.

On the other hand, Sid hires private detective to find Krishna and Mohan. He wonders where they went. He realises that Anuradha would have helped Krishna and Mohan.

Anshuman calls Jagadish and asks him to book for Mata rani’s jagrata. Jagadish informs Anshuman that booking is full. Anshuman says that he will do double payment because no one can sing like Jagadish and Dadi wants Jagadish to sing. Jagadish gets happy hearing this. He says that he will come and disconnects the call. Jagadish’s assistant asks Jagadish that how is that possible. Jagadish tells his assistant to arrange a singer.

Sid goes to Anuradha’s house. He asks Anuradha that where is Krishna and Mohan. Anuradha asks Sid that how she know about Krishna and Mohan. He tells her that he know Mohan want to become a girl that’s why Krishna left the house. He says that he want to help Krishna and Mohan that’s why he is searching them. She wonders she should tell Krishna’s whereabouts to Sid or not.

In the temple, Krishna recalls that how Anuradha told her about advance money for surgery. She also recalls the moments she spent with Aryaman. Aryaman recalls that how Krishna sent message to him after leaving the house. He also recalls the moments the he spent with Krishna. He meets with an accident.

Krishna feels restless. She asks Lord Krishna to protect Aryaman and she sings bhajan. Aryaman gets out of his car. He notices that his car tyre punctured. He hears Krishna’s voice and reaches the temple. He searches Krishna in the temple. He thinks that it was Krishna only.

Anuradha thinks that Sid may help Krishna and Mohan. She lies to him that she don’t know where is Krishna and Mohan. Sid leaves from there. He calls private detective and orders him to keep an eye on Anuradha. He thinks that he will find Mohan no matter what.

Jagadish gives his visiting card to Krishna. He tells her that he liked her voice. He asks her to sing for him in Mata rani’s jagrata. Krishna agrees to sing. She says that she don’t want anyone to see her face and she want advance. He agrees to fulfill her demands.

Aryaman thinks that he is becoming mad. He says that he made mistake by giving importance to Krishna in his life. Ketan brings car for Aryaman. Aryaman leaves from there.

Krishna asks Mohan that how Sid know about the latter. Mohan tells her that he did not tell anything to Sid. She tells him that Sid is not good person for sure. She informs him that she paid little amount for surgery. He hugs her.

Episode ends.

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