Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 1st October 2021 Written Update: Ishwari overwhelmed with Family’s love.


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Sanjana says Dev that she wants to say something. Dev sees Suhana’s photo with Sanjana and asks why it’s with her. Sanjana says his daughter is her niece.

Some time before :

Zidane serves food for everyone and Vicky gets hesitant seeing chicken. Elena clicks picture of them with Vicky and chicken. She’s about to post it in social media but Vicky deletes it before his mother could see it. Sonakshi takes Bijoy aside and says that she needs to leave soon. Zidane asks whether she didn’t like his cooking for which Sona said that she loved it but have to go as she has some work. She also says that she and Dev are sponsoring him for his sport and asks him  not disappoint them. Zidane assures to do the same and Bijoy encourages him. Ishwari struggles to get up due to knee pain and calls someone for help but no one comes. Dev comes at the exact time and helps Ishwari. Ishwari is surprised with Dev’s immediate arrival when she’s in pain and gets overwhelmed. Dev gives her a switch and asks her to push the button

For first time Ayush comes, second time Suhana and third time Shubh. He says that they would get alerted in case if she needs something. Ishwari happily hugs them and feels satisfied. Shubh spoiled Dev’s layout before Ayush could stop him. Dev and Sonakshi comes there and scolds both for messing with Dev’s work. Suhana steps in front of them and says that it’s her who gave the layout to Shubh and asks them to punish her. Sonakshi is about to lash out at her When Dev steps in front of them. He says that it’s his careless nature because of which it happened and kids are not at fault. Sonakshi leaves angrily while Everyone laughs. At night, Sonakshi sets up a romantic set up and Dev calls her filmy than him. She makes him stand in front of mirror and introduces him as the special person in her life. They both gets romantic. Sonakshi says about her plan of hooking up Sanjana with Jatin. Dev recalls her proposal and hugs Sonakshi confessing his love. Sonakshi is flustered.

Ishwari feels blessed to make everyone get ready for work and says the same to Radha. Neha asks till when she’s going to work for others and asks why don’t Dev and Sonakshi take care of her. Ishwari says it’s not like that as Dev takes good care of her. She says that he is some one who not only takes care of her but even outsiders. Neha asks what did Dev do to take care of her. Ishwari gets confused when Neha asks whether Dev said anything about giving a part of the property to his sister’s. Ishwari goes speechless. Radha tries to lighten the environment but in vain. Ishwari asks why suddenly she’s asking about parting and all. Neha says that she just asked just like that and leaves. Radha is sure that something is going on in Neha’s mind. Sanjana comes to Dev’s cabin and says that she has something to say to him. She says that once he sees it he will start believing in serendipity too. Dev is about to give her transfer order when Sanjana shows her Suhana’s picture. Dev says she’s his daughter and Why’s she having her picture. Sanjana says his daughter is her niece and she’s sister of Minal Verma. Dev gets shocked.

Precap : Dev confesses to Sonakshi about Sanjana really proposing and also that she’s sister of Suhana’s biological mother Minal Verma. Sonakshi gets stunned.

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