Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 22nd September 2021 Written Update: Sanjana and Dev hears Sanjana’s confession


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 22nd September 2021 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Dev bringing Ishwari’s packed food for Sanjana. He thanks her for bringing stuffs home. Sanjana says that he has a good mother and she really loved her food. She calls him lucky for getting to eat it daily. She gets emotional that she don’t have one and Dev consoles her. He assures her that they are there for her and leaves. Sanjana says that she wants him to be with her forever. Jatin and Bijoy are discussing about Dev and Sonakshi. Jatin shares with him that he wants to be like Dev and Sonakshi who are together no matter what differences they have. He says that they resolve their differences being together. He also says about them consulting marriage Counsellor. Bijoy gets worried as he didn’t knew about it.

Bijoy calls Ishwari and asks her about Dev and Sonakshi attending marriage counselling. Ishwari says even she was not aware about it and only few days back Dev shared about it with her. She asks him not to worry as its only helping them to come close. She says she also spoke with her person and asks him not to worry. She says that when they are together they would fight and love each other due to which their bond gets stronger. She says that they know well how it feels to be alone and Bijoy looks at Aasha’s picture. He agrees with her and cuts the call. Ishwari too sees her picture with her husband and gets emotional. Sonakshi comes there and asks what she’s searching. Ishwari immediately hides the picture and says she forgot to write ration list and is searching for her diary and pen. Sonakshi teaches her to write list using voice detector in phone and Ishwari gets surprised seeing it. Dev comes home and finds Ishwari and Sonakshi bonding. He also finds his children playing happily. He feels contended looking at his family.

Sonakshi comes to her room where Shubh is counting hiding his face. Dev pulls her with him in curtains and they both gets romantic. Shubh finds Suhana and Ayush hiding under bed and they all leave to search for Dev. Sonakshi says about teaching to use smartphone for Ishwari. They both comes close when kids finds them. Sanjana finds Reena about to turn off a radio broadcast program and stops her. It’s a program in which people confess their one side love story. Sanjana thinks for sometime and calls radio station. Dev and Sonakshi spends cute moments and also hearing the same broadcast. Sanjana calls the program in the name of gypsy girl and confesses her love for her Dev referring to be a married. Sonakshi finds the voice familiar but couldn’t identify it. The RJ asks whether her love doesn’t bring pain for her and asks if he loves her too. She says that he loves his wife very much and she’s sufficient with her one side love feelings and don’t want him to reciprocate.

Dev couldn’t identify the voice but accuses the girl for creating trouble for the man and his family for her own feelings. Sanjana is in office when her colleague gives sweets to her as its her wedding anniversary. She says about love cum arranged marriage story to Sanjana and Sanjana found it cute. Sanjana then gets a call saying that her courier has arrived. She feels relieved and asks them to hold till she reaches her home. Sanjana feels relieved.

Precap : Neha visits Dixit’s House. Sanjana about to confess her live to Dev.

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