Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 17th May 2024 Written Update: Nandini wants back her Dehej

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 17th May 2024 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Nandini who wakes up the whole family and start to interrogate Hemraj. Seeing the rough attitude of Nandini every family member gets awestrucked. Hemraj ask the reason behind her drama. Apologizing to her father in law, Nandini interrogates Hemraj why did he take dahej in her marriage in spite of denying to take it. Nandini screams in front of everyone and accuses her father in law that he had lied to everyone.

Chanchal interrupts and ask her why she is fusing her anger on Hemraj. To justify the anger of herself Nandini exposes that Hemraj took a huge Dahej in her marriage but he announced that he didn’t take a penny from Ishwar and his family. Hemraj demanded a huge money and properties from Ishwar who struggled to provide it in Nandani’s marriage. He also snatched all the self respect of Ishwar. The sudden revelation makes Hemraj embarrassed. Hemraj also took away the farmland. If Nandini had no this before hand she would never get agree to marry in the family. She condemns the falsity of the Ratansi family and raises her finger on the long lived superstition.

Nandini asks Hemraj to return her dowry which Iswar has given in her marriage. Hemraj mocks at the demand of Nandini and denies to return it. Hemraj asks Nandini why didn’t she ask her uncle when he was arranging everything in her marriage. Hemraj clearly says that he wouldn’t return neither the gold nor the farmland. He didn’t force Ishwar to give it to his name rather Ishwar himself transferred all the properties on the name of Hemraj. He orders Nandini to go into her own room and forward her to return in Upleta.

Naren also raises his voice against his father. He also gets heart When he learns that his father does take dahej but he portraits himself as a generous and great man. Hemraj announces that he has already sold out the farmland to another politician and the ownership has already changed. Narendra mentions that farmland was the last sign of a Nandini’s deceased mother. Naren feels devastated when he learns that his father has dealt a profit through his marriage.

Nandini claims that Hemraj is a hypocrite whose words and action tell the different things. Hemraj gets furious on his daughter in law, but he doesn’t say anything to say. Nandini promises that she will take back all her given dahej. Naren also supports a decision and takes a pledge that he will be there for her. Hemraj orders them to leave the house. Hetal takes the stand for Nandini and Naren. Hetal asks them to change their decision and requests them to stay in house as before.

Episode ends.

Precap: Nandini will decide to leave the Ratansi family and will ask Hemraj to return her Dahej.

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