Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 20th May 2024 Written Update: Hemraj gets embarrassed in the society

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 20th May 2024 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with the conversation between Ishwar and Nandini. Nandini asks her uncle to come in the Rajkot for a few days. Ishwar couldn’t understand what Nandini is trying to do. Ishwar confirms that you will reach within few hours.

Chanchal gets upset since Hemraj has hidden the secret from her also. Hemraj took the Dahej from Ishwar but he didn’t reveal this to his wife. He makes a instant excuses but Chanchala doesn’t seem to get the answer. She reminds that the daughter of this house has also started raising question against this long lived superstition. Hemraj couldn’t able to believe that his family is going against him. Chanchal also clarifies her husband that it will be a great mistake if he will try to suppress the voice of the women of the house. Hemraj’s resentments gets increased to think about the behaviour of Nandini.

Nandini as her husband without he wants to support her or not. Naren promises that he will be there for her in every situation. After few hours Naren, Nandini and Hemraj reach in samaj bhavan to get the justice of the case. The president of the bhavan suggests Nandini to solve the case in the house so that this issue will not be exposed outside of the house. But Nandini clarifies that she wants the justice of the case. If she have to fight in this samaj bhavan even against her family for the sake of her own self respect she will definitely fight.

Nandini exposes that her father in law Hemraj Ratansi has taken a huge dahej in her marriage. This information makes a chaos in the whole community hall. Other members of the board couldn’t able to believe that Hemraj has taken dowry in his son’s marriage. They support the great disposition of Hemraj. But Nandini again points out that this is not a trivial issue for her because her uncle has lost his everything to arrange that huge money.

When Hemraj gets embarrassed in the whole society other member of the board appreciates the bold and candid voice of Nandini. They couldn’t decide that how Hemraj will give her the justice when he himself is the main culprit. Being screwed up by the whole matter, Hemraj calls his son aside and asks him to withdraw the case and solves this matter in the house but he clearly says that he doesn’t have any other ways except supporting Nandini. Later, Nandini decides to leave the Ratansi family and asks Hemraj to return her farmland.

Episode ends.

Precap : Nandini will file a case against her father in law and following the incident the police will come in the house to adjust Hemraj..

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