Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 2nd April 2024 Written Update: Nandini questions Parvati

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 2nd April 2024 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Nandini making arrangements to cook. She then gets shocked seeing Naren there. Naren flirts with her. He then asks her for being tensed after his arrival. Nandini tells him that his arrival lessens her worries and stress. Naren teases her. He then gets hurt. Nandini refuses to believe it, but she ends up getting hurt, too. She then shares her worries with Naren about the expensive sarees and jewelleries. Naren convinces Nandini to accept it because it’s Chanchal Wish. Nandini agrees.

Later, Jalpa praises Nandini’s cooking skills. She also indirectly mocks Nandini. Other Ratansi ladies get tensed by Jalpa’s behaviour. Mani inquires with Jalpa about her saree. Jalpa puts up an act by talking about its price. Mani and Nandini get uncomfortable. Just then, Nandini’s neighbour Parvati arrives there. Mani introduces Parvati and the Ratansi’s to each other. Parvati shares with them all that her elder daughter in law give birth to a boy baby for the second time. Nandini inquires with her about her younger daughter in law’s pregnancy. Parvati tells her that her younger daughter in law gave birth to a girl baby, which she says in an insulting way so Nandini questions her for degrading a girl baby’s birth though she herself as a woman Parvati defends her crude remarks, but Nandini takes a firm stand for women. Chanchal advises Nandini to leave this matter, but Nandini tells her it’s important to take a stand for women. Chanchal gets tensed, but both Hetal and Kinjal look happy.

Parvati talks about the burden that every parents go through to marry off their daughters. She also tells that Ratansi’s must have demanded a huge some of dowry from Ishwar and Mani. Everyone gets shocked and worried by Parvati’s statement. Nandini takes a firm stand for the Ratansi’s especially HemRaj, saying HemRaj is against dowry. Also, HemRaj made everyone promise not to demand dowry from anyone. She further states that HemRaj didn’t ask a single rupee from them as a dowry. Jalpa gets upset about HemRaj’s double standard. Ishwar and Mehul get worried. Mani manages the situation, saying that Nandini’s words are true. Parvati blesses Nandini, and then she leaves from there. The Ratansi’s decides to leave.

Chanchal receives HemRaj’s call, who inquires with her about Naren’s whereabout, so Chanchal gives the phone to Naren. Naren leaves the place with a broad smile. Both Kinjal and Jalpa share with Nandini that HemRaj must be scolding Naren. Meanwhile, HemRaj expresses his disappointment towards Naren for ignoring his calls for Nandini. Naren apologises and also assures him not to repeat it. The Ratansi’s leaves. Ishwar shares his fear and worries with Mehul about Nandini’s reaction after she learns HemRaj’s dowry demand. Mehul tries to calm him down. Ishwar hopes that Nandini will forgive him one day. Rupa gets shocked and heartbroken, learning Ronak’s whereabout.

Here, Naren shows Nandini family’s ancestral land to his family. He also asks them about their opinion of Nandini. They all tell him they like Nandini. Chanchal shares her disappointment about Nandini’s act towards Parvati, but Naren supports Nandini. Naren shows his family where Nandini’s mother, Surbhi, died. Everyone gets shocked.

Precap: HemRaj lashes out at Ishwar after learning about the blunder Nandini made with the legal papers of the land.

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