KumKum Bhagya 10th May 2022 Written Update: Vikram advises Ranbir to elope with Prachi


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The episode starts with Ranbir asking Pallavi what is she doing in his room. Pallavi says she came to meet him after dropping Dida in her room. Ranbir asks what she wants to tell. Pallavi asks why he changed into a heartless person. Ranbir smiles and says you may feel I’m heartless as my love is not loving me. Pallavi asks why everything starts with Prachi. Ranbir says his life ends with Prachi and you don’t understand. Pallavi says you again prove that I don’t understand you. Ranbir hugs her and says he is not understanding him. He tells her that he is helpless, not heartless. Pallavi says Prachi doesn’t care about us like Rhea and I don’t want to see Prachi in this house. Ranbir says Prachi will stay in this house until she wants. Pallavi leaves without hearing him.

Prachi follows Ranbir and notices he is meeting someone at the night. Ranbir gives info to the investigator and asks him to find the truth. Investigator leaves. Ranbir asks Prachi to come out. Prachi comes out and asks whom he met. He tells her he hired a private investigator to investigate Rhea’s accident. Prachi asks why he is doing it when he said he doesn’t care about her. Ranbir tells she broke her heart many times and he doesn’t care about anyone.

Rhea thinks where everyone went. Ranbir and Prachi come inside. Both fight with each other in Investigator. Rhea notices their fight from the steps. Pallavi asks what’s happening. Prachi asks her to find it from her son. Ranbir asks why she doing drama. Prachi says they have a 75 percent contribution. Pallavi calls Prachi a mannerless girl. Prachi says if truthfulness is called as mannerless, you are right, you will see less mannerless girls like me. Pallavi asks why can’t she stop herself from fighting. Prachi says it’s not because of her. Pallavi says Prachi is toxic. Ranbir tries to stop her. Rhea comes to Pallavi and asks her to not talk anything in front Ranbir as he can’t see anything against Prachi. Ranbir asks her to not involve. Rhea tells she is his wife and tells Pallavi how Ranbir tries to save Prachi in the Police station.

Rhea asks why he is taking Prachi’s side. Ranbir asks her to know it from Prachi. Prachi says it doesn’t matter as you married Rhea. Ranbir says I did as you left me. Prachi says you didn’t leave any option to me saying we have no relationship. Ranbir asks why she return to the house she left. She touches her mangalsutra and says until it is with me, I will stay here. Pallavi tells she doesn’t see the reason for her to wear mangalsutra. Prachi says you don’t have the right to question me as you didn’t support me when needed and if you want to question then question Rhea mangalsutra. Rhea asks her to stop acting as her sin won’t get reduced by blaming others. She acts like feeling dizzy. Ranbir supports her. Prachi tells Rhea that she is acting like a professional. Pallavi warns to slap her. Shahana takes Prachi with her. Vikram warns Pallavi to maintain her dignity. Ranbir agrees with Vikram and tells her that she can’t respect her like before if she raises her hand at Prachi. Pallavi thinks Prachi is spoiling her relationship with her son.

Pallavi thinks if this relationship is broken then something will happen in this house that has never happened before. Ranbir thinks of what happened between him and Prachi. Vikram gives him a suitcase and says there is everything that he needs in this suitcase. He tells him to go away from this house with Prachi and it is with her his happiness lies in. Ranbir jokes and says he already asked Prachi once to go with him but she rejected him. Ranbir also says once their misunderstanding is cleared. Prachi will come herself and ask him to take her away from here. Shahana says to Prachi that she will leave the house and ask Prachi to come with her. Shahana talks about Ranbir but she is not ready to listen. Shahana says she is worried about her child and thinks about it.

Episode ends.

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